Seth Meyers and Amber Ruffin Address the Mass Shooting in Buffalo, New York

Published on May 16, 2022

Seth addresses the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, before Amber Ruffin calls for an end to white supremacy and racism with a song.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • ute zahn 10 months ago

    Amber is beautiful and an incredible talent and clearly has a strength I would not be able to muster in her place. I just wish she didn’t have to sing those kind of songs anymore.

  • Dee Ess 10 months ago

    If we taught Critical Race Theory we would have less mass shootings and other problems like this. People opposed to it basically are racists.

  • Alina Itzal 10 months ago

    I’m from a state where talk of this level of hate behind close doors is normal… COUGH AZ… cough… And mostly its Mormon republicans. Sorry if some people don’t like hearing that… But I don’t care. I can’t live among that hate. Hope it gets exposed, just like Sascha Baron Cohen showed when he visited Flagstaff.

  • Bernie 10 months ago

    Blaqu on Blaqu crime happens everyday

  • UserInterface00 10 months ago

    The “blame video games” narrative is such a bad take, especially when video games are on mass are becoming more diverse. The news outlets, publications and those certain people that still blame video games only use it to protect the more damning root cause that they want to protect.

  • Aaron Shegrud 10 months ago

    We need a video of just Amber’s song please.

  • Sarah Harper 10 months ago

    I’m just here to leave a positive comment for Seth and Amber saying what needs to be said. 👏

  • Kala Reshana 10 months ago

    “The usual voices are on TV today blaming the dark corners of the internet, video games, and offering thoughts and prayers.”

    To all those usual voices – I’ve been playing video games for 42 years and have not once thought “boy, I sure would like to shoot up a place.” The mere idea is repugnant.

    The problem isn’t dark corners. It isn’t video games. It’s ignorance and hatred.

  • Becky Bowen 10 months ago

    Seth, Can you use your power and influence to help the Buffalo community where this shooting took place. The grocery store where the shooting occurred is the ONLY grocery store in the entire community. Can you use your influence to set up refrigerator trucks as make shift grocery store…probably in the largest, most centrally located Church parking lot? This act will not change the horrors this community has suffered, but it will help them in another way…one that shows how much you and your staff care.

  • Linda Ward 10 months ago

    great pints Seth

  • How Am I Looking? 10 months ago

    Take all the sickos who’ve been caught for this kind of evil and have a live showing of them being tortured. Would it fix anything? Maybe. Maybe not. But, it’d be great for the next POS to have it in their mind.

  • ProfoundClarity 10 months ago

    the republican party is the most hateful, selfish group of people in this country. can we kick them out?

  • Wanda Cardec 10 months ago

    WIsh I could tell people at my work to stfu. Florida is full of white supremacy 🙁

  • Garrett Greco 10 months ago

    Buffalo is a great town, huge support systems and a lot of community love. Nothing will replace loved ones but seeing the entirety of NY state come together over this has been uplifting

  • Patricia Perez 10 months ago

    18 year Olds are not boys.

  • Jay Tree 10 months ago

    Please white people 🤨🤨. The reason that the Georgia Floyd protests were different was because black people weren’t alone. We need you to change your response to these people. Please, we can’t do it alone.

  • James Denny 10 months ago

    HE IS NOT A BOY… Seth, because he’s white you call him a boy?…
    HE IS A GROWN A** MAN !!!


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