Seth Meyers Addresses the Armed Insurrection at the U.S. Capitol

Published on January 7, 2021

Seth Meyers discusses the surreal and horrifying scenes of an armed insurrection incited, directed and encouraged by Donald Trump.

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  • Nuno Castro 11 months ago

    GOP needs to be remade and it needs to get rid of those cowards, cynics and sycophants, who want to climb no matter how, no matter who or what they run over. Be it peaceful protesters or the center of American democracy. And the followers, the ones that live in a parallel reality, they are all sick people. Very sick and disturbed people.

  • Chalphon 11 months ago

    Actually Seth, The U.S. is not a full democracy. Ranking by The Economist

  • Bernie Com 11 months ago

    Fox News needs to make a clean up starting with Sean Hannity, the drunk Judge Jeanine, Tucker Carlson and more.

  • Arcana Octonus 11 months ago

    Fascists. Hang’em.

  • Leslie Matteis 11 months ago

    Well said.

  • Kim Hansen 11 months ago

    Good choice Seth – How could you also have done otherwise? This is serious. Looking forward to your jokes in better times…

  • Oli G 11 months ago

    He lost the election, lost in court over 60 times, lost on twitter, lost in the senate, lost in the house, even his own vice president gave him the L. He is officially the biggest loser of all time 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cc 11 months ago

    Watching from Canada with absolute zero surprise.

  • K 11 months ago

    Every traitor, including all Republican politicians who have licked Trump’s boots, should be executed. Now.

  • Robin Richardson 11 months ago

    Trump’s next move: To pardon all those who invaded the Capitol Building.

  • panicxitsxbrea 11 months ago

    i adore seth meyers-being a comedian in no way limits your ability to be insightful, profound and intellectual, and i’m so glad for any and everyone with a public platform condemning today’s events in plain terms-but i hate, /hate/, that he sounds exponentially more presidential than the person with the nuclear football right now.

    and i know we’re all hanging on by our fingertips for the 20th, but i was already frightened and now i’m terrified of the potential for violence at the event, especially as the dc metro police, capitol police, surrounding police and national guard showed a gaping weakness in their ability and/or willingness to respond to a violent mob storming the seat of power of my country while the vice president and entirety of congress and the senate were inside.

  • El Cd71Garcia 11 months ago

    Congress bettr get him outta the office b4 he starts a war with Iran or some othe nation.

  • The jolly Frog 11 months ago

    Law enforcement must and will hunt down all these people so they all know exactly how trump feels now that imminent criminal indictments are coming down

  • Overly Dramatic Panda 11 months ago

    So Republicans are the “party of law and order”, huh..?

  • Brian 11 months ago

    Who said the election was rigged? Since, “people are saying” is the new standard for reality, then it’s okay to undermine the Constitution, the laws of the land and “recalculate” The vote or one’s oath of office in the name of Trump.
    It’s either right or a conspiracy to commit fraud and sedition. It’s an attack on the Constitution by those who have sworn to defend it.

    Trump and his co-conspirators must be impeached and prosecuted to the full extent of the law… or the law means nothing the oath means nothing and the United States means nothing.
    Congress must defend the Constitution live up to the oath of office and condemn Trump. Trump must be impeached and convicted or step down and admit you are complicit.

  • sugarcookiecube 11 months ago

    trump needs to be removed from office by the 25th amendment. he is unfit to be a human being let alone the sitting POTUS

  • Aussie Beatle 11 months ago

    Well said

  • Imman Uel 11 months ago

    Ooh sorry last six months there r no violence in all over state yeah that right you can’t speak violence before now you can speak that is no brainier .violence is wrong whoever did but you r worst of all the people you know y because making money from this . You can’t act like u r good people u r the worst of all people

  • Glornak Ironspawn 11 months ago

    When “Antifa” (not BLM protesters but common criminals) commited crimes during entirely peaceful protests nearly every Democrat in the US, including Joe Biden, condemned the violent morons and praised the 99.99% that wasn’t causing any damage whatsoever.

    When white supremacists and QAnon believers broke into our nation’s capital and force our Congress people to flee for their safety a majority of Republicans condemned it while around 1/3 said nothing and Trump called the terrorists “special people” and asked them to go home.

    Democrats condemn violence while Trump and his supporters sit back and watch.

  • thomas abraham 11 months ago the video of the woman getting shot


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