Seth Gets a Bug Named After Him

Published on November 17, 2021

A member of the Entomological Society of America, Todd Kahn (Jermaine Affonso), introduces a unique new insect that is named after Seth.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Faitherific 2 years ago

    CORRECTION:. that is a CAMEL/CAVE CRICKET… not even close to Scarab. NOT EVEN.

    Second: Daniel Craig was with a DRAGONFLY.

    Thirdly, dung beetles are IMMESENSELY important in nutrient cycling of wastes which reduce carbon and methane emission.

    I would be honored for a dung beetle to be named after me.

    Oh man, It hurts that you showed a picture of a cricket and then called it a beetle the whole time. I watched again… trying to not be bothered… it cannot be helped!

  • Space Force Commander 2 years ago

    Scarabaeus SethMeyers is the bug, not the feature.

  • undefined 2 years ago

    hmm… I am slowly considering that “scientist” not being real. He looks suspiciously similar to one of the show’s writers.

  • TBH 2 years ago

    Whoa… such jackal fodder.

    There are better jackals than I to correct the science, but what stuck out to me was how comfortable and put-together the entomologist was. You know any scientist that isn’t DeGrasse-Tyson, Nye or Kaku, rolls onto set like they’ve never seen TV, let alone considered what to wear while ON TV. That was the giveaway. I was ready to be excited for you Seth. Good shtick though.

  • David Pirtle 2 years ago

    That image is not a dung beetle.

  • BMrider75 2 years ago

    Oh no! I’ve become a jackal :
    Linnean classification has a set form. It’s always the genus is capitalised, and the species is not, ie lower case.
    It should have been Scarabaeus sethmeyers.
    Scientifically this is significant, as maintaining taxonomic nomenclature is important.

    (I love your work Seth. Smiles)

  • Imanuel K 2 years ago

    This is genuinely one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while. Todd did awesome too

  • Marc Colten 2 years ago

    What an honor!

  • Old-fashioned Coughy Pot 2 years ago

    Is the Seth Meyers bug an endangered feces?

  • LeesaDeAndrea 2 years ago

    No entomologist would call that bug a dung beetle.

  • AisuruMirai 2 years ago

    What if they really do name a cicada after him, though…

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte 2 years ago

    Relax Seth, a worm was named after Trump.

  • rocqitmon 2 years ago

    “Dung” meaning the output of staff writers – not its own fecal output. Collects it and spews it out on camera.

    Trying a little BURN. (Will keep my day job)

  • MilwJay 2 years ago

    seth, you might be able to get out of this if you convince them to change the name to an even bigger celebrity with an even more relevent personal characteristic:
    the “scarabaeus bidenfartus”

    cuz you dont stink
    even half as bad as biden

  • MilwJay 2 years ago

    but …

    is not there already an insect named ‘seth meyers’ … !!

    I’ll be here all week

  • ROBOT MUNKEE 2 years ago

    Jerusalem Cricket is now the Seth Meyers Bug???

  • Paul Wright 2 years ago

    I hope this winds up as a comment on corrections, but if you feel bad about having a dung beetle named for you, look up how the Phallus drewesii got its name.


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