Senator Whitehouse Is A Member Of Some Interesting Clubs…

Published on June 25, 2021

His membership dues must really add up. #Colbert #TheLateShow #ColdOpens

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  • Space Force Commander, General Stabled Genius 1 month ago

    Senator Whitehouse — he does not talk about Fight Club (Rule #1).

    Again, Senator Whitehouse — he does not talk about Fight Club (Rule #2)

  • Tasha Chan 1 month ago

    the national association of alabaster and eggshell americans isn’t what it sounds like!! they’re just americans who really love throwing eggshells at each other within an alabaster building

  • Javy D 1 month ago

    The NHL was the only one that made me laugh because of how real and true it is. The rest were lame.

  • Bill Kerr 1 month ago

    I’ve been a member of two yacht clubs. Spoke to both of them and members of other clubs encouraging outreach to increase diversity. I wouldn’t say I was shunned afterword, but it didn’t improve my standing. I am in the South, so there’s that.

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte 1 month ago

    It’s in the name and the blood.

  • Lindalee Law 1 month ago

    Hmm Black Awards shows, Ebony Awards, Black College Quiz ,, Howard University , blacks only country clubs, …….. yeah whites are only at fault while blacks, Hispanics, Asians have their cliques

  • michael fernandez 1 month ago

    Alabaster and kackies club can’t go wrong looking like an Olive..

  • TRUTH HURTS 1 month ago

    Excuse me I don’t understand why they would care if there was a all-white beach club!? I mean there are plenty of all black things openly! Nobody says one damn word about them having an all-black I mean they have all black law schools not because they forced them to be that way because that’s the way they want them! So where the hell does anybody get off saying anything about all white people places I’m not racist at all and I totally despise racism this is a honest-to-god question??? Why is it a big deal for white people to have only white people thing but it’s no big deal when black people have only black people things why is it considered racial for one group of people to do it one way but not for the other? It’s racism if white people talk about black people in a bad way but what is it when they talk about white people in a bad way? Is that not racism? If you don’t think so I believe you’re a hypocrite it is completely and utterly full of💩! Racism is racism irregardless of what side it comes from it regardless of who’s saying it or he’s doing it I despise you if you are a racist and I honestly hope you burn in hell! Have a nice day. Now let’s see who calls me a racist… I remind you I have not told you what color I am I’m going to guess just because I brought this up people will assume one way or the other so let’s see what the assumption is…. Ready Set Go

  • Diane K. Kovacs 1 month ago

    This is a non-story and non-funny. Senator Whitehouse is an ally and a good man. Enough of this shit throwing.

  • John Heath 1 month ago


  • Kellee Williams 1 month ago


  • Left Is Best 1 month ago

    Wow, third night in a row trying to pillary Whitehouse. Wonder if it has anything to do with his ongoing exposé of the GOP??? Hmm? 🤣😎

  • M 1 month ago

    The clue is in the name.

  • Zaroff's Trophy Room 1 month ago

    Ah yes, the suppressed episode of Frasier. Where Niles and Frasier both watch the film Soulman for some key ideas, before going out to wine club…

  • Tseleng Botlhole 1 month ago

    Let them keep their clubs, who cares anyway

  • lennymccartney1 1 month ago

    …and he’s called whitehouse!


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