Senator Sherrod Brown Says Trump Betrayed Ohio’s Autoworkers

Published on January 24, 2019

Senator Sherrod Brown talks about speaking with President Trump about policy, the ongoing government shutdown and why he thinks the mood of the country is optimistic.

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  • YoshiBoi 5 months ago

    Of course Senator Sherrod Brown.
    I’m so star strucked. 🤩🤩

    Oh yeah yeah

  • miriam 5 months ago

    Senator’s voice makes my throat itch

  • Warren Pricefield 5 months ago

    I like how genuine he is. He’s not a typical politician

  • Jacob 5 months ago

    His voice sounds like the kinda guy you hear on “you can quit” smoking commercials telling you their story of how they have to use a voice modulator to speak because they smoked Cigarettes their whole lives

  • Tamera Herrod 5 months ago

    Love Senator Brown and hope he runs for President in 2020. Would love to see more interviews with him!

  • CRMcGee2 5 months ago

    The GOP has been giving companies tax incentives to take jobs out of the country for years.


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