Senator Kamala Harris Wants to Give Every Teacher in America a Raise

Published on April 5, 2019

Senator Kamala Harris explains why she wants to give America’s teachers a raise and defends her record in law enforcement from criticism from progressives.

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  • Adam Alkhafaji 1 year ago

    What has Kamala actually done besides talk since running for prez? I don’t believe a word she says ??‍♀️

  • Lance Eriksen 1 year ago

    So anything that makes common sense never makes it in office its just the sick that become leaders!

  • locodagodbx81 1 year ago

    Don’t know if she’s the best option but damn shes hott????

  • Alyssa Russell 1 year ago

    we need more teacher. teachers dont have us good now

  • Andrew Mitchell 1 year ago

    But what about the poor billionaires? How will they make ends meet?

  • ArtDocHound 1 year ago

    She gets all my Doritos!

  • DuBose 87 1 year ago

    She’ll be Joe Biden’s Attorney General.

  • Diana Mitford 1 year ago

    My kinda gal.

  • Daniea3 1 year ago

    She didn’t go to the picket lines with teachers like Sanders has been doing. They got a raise in Indiana!! Go teachers! Gonna have show much more than lip service Harris.

  • Dennis Schohan 1 year ago

    How about a house.

  • Om Eyehead 1 year ago

    Senator Harris wants to give Steve mnuchin your house. The real title. She did a great job of it in California.?

  • Patrick H 1 year ago

    Adore her teacher proposal. But she equivocated his question about her record as being unfair in her judgments during her DA tenure. Is she saying the system is flawed (which is 100% correct) and her hands were bound and as a result her record is tainted? “Let’s recognize the flaws in the system” – what about your record tho? Kamala is Amazing, but because of this BS equivocations she does not inspire me. Just my two cents.

  • dcptiv 1 year ago

    Here in Australia, teachers get paid a lot & until recently they retired on full pay after 25yrs service. To be a teacher here is not easy & requires a lot of study.

  • Ajay Reddy 1 year ago

    Teachers don’t work in the summer

  • Renovator 1 year ago

    Just waiting til the primary debates.

  • Kel Green 1 year ago

    I would love more $$ but i’d love more sick days with better subs so you don’t spend the sick day worrying your room will be destroyed.

  • Nicole Vanasse 1 year ago

    why should teachers by supplies for the students? they should be supplied by the school boards! then if teachers want to by something for the kids they can, not forced to!

  • Too-toowon 1 year ago

    For a supposed first world nation the level of public school education in the US is what?..Grossly incompetent? How can a society expect to maintain any level of quality and decency if it doesn’t invest in its citizens?

  • Max Moore 1 year ago

    ACAB tho?


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