Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Guide to Getting Started

Published on April 19, 2017

Senator Elizabeth Warren gives advice on the best ways to get involved in your community and fight for the things you believe in.

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  • avo420turbo 1 year ago

    fuck that bitch

  • criotene 1 year ago

    Elizabeth warren? Really? I’m tired of liberal propaganda honestly

  • Karla M 1 year ago

    Super early squad where ya at????

  • Erik Young 1 year ago

    This woman is insane. Seriously

  • Fabian Flückiger 1 year ago

    i like pizza! lets fund the pizza party! Recruit all your friends! We need to build a wa.. I mean a very big pizza!

  • Jesse Hoffmann 1 year ago

    And you wonder why Jimmy’s ratings are dropping!

  • Barbara Poma 1 year ago

    13th comment

  • James Scheivert 1 year ago

    These talk show hosts don’t get it with the liberal propaganda bc if they don’t stop trump will get reelected. It’s the reason they lost in the first place. MAGA

  • Flying Pikachu 1 year ago

    Like if you see the difference ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • KindlyChill 1 year ago

    How to get started? Step 1: Sell your soul to Soros.

  • Chris Green 1 year ago

    i dont agree a lot with elizabeth warren but i dont really find anything wrong with what she said in this video. dont understand the dislikes

  • Ofelia Zuniga 1 year ago

    It’s sad to read that people have commented negatively about this video & Senator Warren & in such an unintelligent manner at that. It’s no wonder that people are where they are at in America. This woman is not only highly intelligent but uses her voice to reasonably represent constituents. Nothing about what she said represented a polar north, instead she’s trying to advocate for Americans thinking for themselves & getting involved in their communities.

  • B Shof 1 year ago

    With Hillary gone the right found another women to call names and hate…why am I not surprised? Hillary is gone, Warren is not running for President, you all should be more concerned about the President who has failed every step of the way on his agenda so far with the exception of seating Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court but only after changing the senate rules.

  • PlatinumEliteM9's Channel 1 year ago

    I’m sorry but I don’t trust communists

  • KingSureShot 1 year ago

    What she really means, first part of the guide is to hate all white men. Second part is if you are an illegal immigrant, please come vote democrat.

  • Mike Fritz 1 year ago

    fuck pocahontas

  • Matthew 1 year ago

    Ew she’s gross

  • Harry Forsyth 1 year ago

    step 1. complain about the wage gap
    step 2. then proceed to pay your female staffers much less than your male staffers on average
    step 3. welcome to leftist hypocrisy people.

  • Flynn 1 year ago

    Step 1: Fake your heritage

    Step 2: Do a shit ton of Coke

    Step 3: Somehow still be respected by people only crazier than you are

  • King Andres 1 year ago

    jimmy has finally shown his true colors…a libtard


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