Senator Elizabeth Warren on Trump’s COVID Failure, Supreme Court Seat & Lindsey Graham Hypocrisy

Published on October 13, 2020

Senator Warren talks about the plan she had in place back in March to tackle COVID-19, the grade she would give Donald Trump on his handling of the virus, the hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett, holding Senators like Lindsey Graham accountable for things they have said, the idea of stacking the Supreme Court, and bringing people together.

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  • cwaddell 2 years ago

    It’s crazy how a government can be trying to prevent their people from getting health coverage. And almost crazier that any of their supporters would want or support that. In many places it’s something people get for free.

  • joseph 2 years ago

    Zero answer. Packing the court???” ” we must be strong blabla”

  • iHost 2 years ago

    No one likes you, Lizzy🐍

  • FSRMTB 2020 2 years ago

    Dems always bring a knife to a knife fight, and the Pubs still bring a gun. They don’t get it. Obama nominated an experienced, moderate judge in Garland to keep the court balanced. Moscow Mitch wouldn’t even bring it to the floor. Now, trump is going to nominate only young radically conservative judges for his pick. smh. They want judicial power for decades, not a balanced court. Yes, put 2 more Justices on the court, if there is a blue sweep. After all, it’s only fair.? To the victors go the spoils is their mantra.

  • Thea Constantino 2 years ago

    Trump 2020 !!!

  • Kadin B 2 years ago

    The thing she fails to realise is that that’s not the only thing the people are worried about. The election is very very important I get it, so is this SCOTUS pick. But the American people can’t wait around for them to do their job. We can’t wait until January, we need all of them, Dems and Reps, to do their gd job and help us now. Don’t wait for us to make it easy for you, help us now.

  • Glenn Davey 2 years ago

    I just realized why conservatives keep winning elections despite losing the popular vote and why progressives are in a constant state of shock: progressives cannot conceive of anyone behaving as DIABOLICAL as conservatives are willing to.
    And as long as they keep thinking like pawns instead of kings, they DESERVE to KEEP LOSING.

  • Cheryl Parks 2 years ago

    Senator Warren you are awesome. I think you were sincere when you thought you had Indian blood because you had heard from family lore. I was heartbroken by the reaction from the Cherokee Chief. He could have done something positive. The Tlingit & Haida Tribes of Alaska have adopted our Senator Merkowski. If I was the Chief Cherokee the tribe would have proudly adopted you. Please stay safe. Please stay in the good fight. And thank you.

  • Enrique Hernandez, 2 years ago

    The Trump Virus ,

  • v 2 years ago

    Love her♥️👍

  • Daniela Fricke 2 years ago

    Elizabeth for President!

  • Chad Eveleigh 2 years ago

    Senator Warren seems like such a decent person… such a contrast to the current commander in chief! Here’s hoping Biden/Harris wins, and they can get more decent people like Senator Warren on board to help them re-shape America. This is important not only for America, but also for the rest of the world as well!

  • Caitlin Briggs 2 years ago

    “Golden Retrievers For Dummies” is my favorite part of this background 😂 Baileyyyy!

  • Justin Waldman 2 years ago

    Love you Elizabeth – and the more because of that super cute Labrador in the background.

  • Justice 2 years ago

    Where are the protest musicians who had SUCH a big influence at the end of the Vietnam war? Get up people…DO something.Have no fear

  • Filipe Almeida 2 years ago

    I like Jimmy’s basketball angle, but I loved it more when he ate crow due to the Raptors thrashing the Golden State Warriors last year.

  • Luke Ludence 2 years ago

    But why would Republicans, or anybody, want Americans to not have Healthcare? Whats in it for them? How can it be good for anybody to have people die because they don’t have access to Healthcare? They (Republicans) want everybody back to work so that corporate America gets richer, but how can that happen when there’s nobody left to work? I just don’t get it…

  • Stephanie Flynn 2 years ago

    Amen. “He doesn’t even make it to 0”. She is a smart lady. Of course, trumpanzees won’t listen let alone care. You can’t fix stupid.

  • Neil O'Neal 2 years ago

    No nation, even one as great as the U.S. is perfect. If other countries want to know what are the worst aspects of U.S., they should look at Trump.

  • Rocka Rolla 2 years ago

    Well just make some new plans; once Joe is in office just get congress to draft up a new affordabl care act, this time with a neutral monniker (not called obamacare) get it pushed through and start healing the sick and get the pandemic under control. then review the senate confirmation for the cult woman judge. Decide if it was constitutional to put someone in place who is openly unconstitutional. And then put into action the expansion of the supreme court justices by 50%. Then undo all the backwards policies put in place by devoss and start to make education system reforms for the good of the people.


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