Senator Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Think His Ideas Will Drive Voters to Trump

Published on March 1, 2019

Senator Bernie Sanders talks about why he thinks Americans will vote for left-wing politics, his efforts to create a more diverse coalition in his campaign and his brief cameo in a film.

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  • Max Steel 1 year ago

    *If you don’t elect Bernie Sanders, then I’m coming for the Oval Office. Trust me, you want Bernie.*

  • Samantha Madison 1 year ago

    OMG I love you so much Bernie!!! Please let this lil Kiwi know if she can do ANYTHING to help you get elected President, without violating anything of course ???✊??❤️??❤️?

  • madboyreadynow28 1 year ago

    So Americans are going to run scared from a party who wants to help to run to a Party that wants to hurt Americans by deregulation, taxing us more and giving breaks to coronations, the wealthy. Policies to hurt our allies and being friendly to our enemies? I can go on and on. No America wanted to vote for Bernie but that opinion was stolen from us by Hillary and the DNC Party

  • Kunal Bhargude 1 year ago

    Socialism is the way forward….

  • Stuck Berry 1 year ago

    Workers unite!!!!

  • elpistolero Suarez 1 year ago

    im not even american but i love Bernie and i hope he wins

  • T Smith 1 year ago

    We have families in our country that have no running water or electricity

  • Jeff Panetta 1 year ago

    Unfortunately he will get Trump re-elected. Why can’t we just have a moderate Democrat run? I like Bernie and some of his ideas but most of them are far fetched

  • Kevin Bayat 1 year ago

    And the oscar goes to Bernie!!

  • mame53 1 year ago

    See how long his hands are? That’s from constantly stretching them to reach into other’s pockets!

  • FrogCast 1 year ago


  • Alexander Siebert 1 year ago

    why didnt eth mention the dnc being rigged?

  • Alan Gonzalez 1 year ago

    Love how everyone glosses of the DNC nomination rigging.

  • Dr M D Aden 1 year ago

    #Bernie2020 elect the man you know he deserves it

  • Yonder88 1 year ago

    Wear “socialism” like armor and it can never be used to hurt you.

  • ifoney1 1 year ago

    #Bernie2020 #BernieOrBust2020

  • Josh Honeycutt 1 year ago

    Hindsight 2020

  • A Miller 1 year ago

    i really wanna vote for america’s grandpa, him being president would be great for this country, but there’s so many women and poc running, so many other candidates with great policies, it’s hard to choose! ultimately, I’ll have to go for whoever has the best policies on climate change and lgbt rights

  • firephly 1 year ago

    I Love Bernie!

  • DarkAnimeAngel2006 1 year ago

    We NEED educated voters. I hear one more person mention the electoral college, being popular has nothing to do with governing, historically speaking.


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