Senator Bernie Sanders Answers a Donald Trump Question



  • imafuckinfanatic 2 years ago


  • solonomoney 2 years ago


  • Alok Gupta 2 years ago

    Get used to President Trump

  • Jpacisamonkey 2 years ago

    Oh look a candidate that is human! #feelthebern

  • BasedIndian 2 years ago

    Lol he really thinks he can win the Democratic side.

  • Eugene Sidebottom III 2 years ago

    Jeez Bernie is very orange here. Is he trying to become Trump?

  • fuckyourcouch23 2 years ago


  • rockomcknight 2 years ago

    I wish I could choose the Worlds leaders.

  • Adolf Shekelstein 2 years ago

    So he didn’t answer the question. What a pussy

  • No More 2 Party System 2 years ago

    Like it or not, the end of the failed 2 party system is inevitable.

    · Most Americans don’t vote
    · Most Americans want more choices besides Ds and Rs
    · Congress continues to break records for all time low ‘approval’ ratings
    · Millennials have less party affiliation allegiance than previous
    · Registered American voters are picking “independent” more than Democrat
    or Republican

    Everything else in the USA changed. It’s time for this outdated system to
    go too.

  • WitmerXL 2 years ago

    Oblivious open border bernie

  • P Lindsay 2 years ago

    Bernie’s delusional.

  • alberto meza 2 years ago

    before any of you uneducated bitches starts complaining about things like:
    “wow yeeeah let’s pay more taxes and let the government have more control
    on us” or calling him a “socialist”
    first: you can go to his website and look at the detailed tax plan, so
    LISTEN, if you don’t make more than 250k a year, you will not be paying any
    more taxes than you are already paying today.

    Fun fact: we pay as many taxes as other countries who have things like free
    college, or free healthcare, and still we lack of them.

    now, what everybody is mainly bitching about this outstanding gentleman, is
    first, is “democratic socialism”
    If you hate socialism like you claim and that it is something stupid and

    please stop using the following services: water companies, electrical
    companies, gas companies

    what? you didn’t now all of those things were a product of socialism
    ohh and of course, please don’t claim the money you earned from your social
    security, when you retire from work

  • Eva Green Fan 2 years ago

    trump is destroying hillary on social media lmao #FuckHillary

  • Troy Hartung 2 years ago

    We need this Trump and Bernie debate to happen. It would give Hillary some
    NIGHTMARES that she wouldn’t even thought were possible to have. It would
    GUARENTEE a big win for Bernie in CA as well.

  • MrJackpot 2 years ago

    Jimmy obviously don’t like Trump xD

  • Mr Anomalous 2 years ago

    wow this Bernie should be your next president! seems intelligent Trump is a
    idiot can’t you see this people an Hillary is a war monger. vote Bernie!

  • MultiAmmar2000 2 years ago

    Quite possibly, may be the greatest man to run for president in modern
    american history

  • Robert williams 2 years ago

    Bernie Ur Great. But after you lose CA to Hillary, i would love to see you
    in her team.

  • Girly Brainiac 2 years ago

    I can’t wait to see the debate between him and Donald even though I will be
    voting for a third party candidate.

  • Savocaatx 2 years ago

    Bernie is THE only candidate I can trust

  • Djaji Prime Music 2 years ago

    Love how Bernie is turning the decision of Hilary to not debate him into a
    positive by debating Trump. He’s been having a lot of media time the past
    week, and should he destroy Trump in the debate, may give him a huge boost.

  • Tre Regal 2 years ago

    Trump 2016

  • Aaron Daniel Donaldson 2 years ago

    Bernie is the president we need and deserve.

  • Ziggybro 2 years ago

    unfortunately I think Hilary will end up being the democratic nominee

  • Beatbreaker34 2 years ago

    |President Sanders|


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