Senate Hears Closing Arguments in Trump Impeachment Trial

Published on February 4, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Monday, February 3.

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  • Alisa Garcia 10 months ago

    :3 mhmm

  • James Vargas 10 months ago


  • supershinigami1 10 months ago


  • jeaniebird 10 months ago

    0:41 That is a damn convincing time machine ad. I’d buy one.

  • The Artisan Geek 10 months ago

    Seth and Conan are by far my favourite talk show hosts.Their delivery is always on point and they know how to make guests comfortable and have a good chat! 🙂

  • Trump's Neck Vagina 10 months ago

    Congratulations Bernie Sanders for taking Iowa. I hope the DNC recognizes it at some point in their busy scheduled of F#%king things up.

  • Bearsted Network News 10 months ago

    Seth your delivery is getting lazy.

  • The Proletariat Rises 10 months ago

    *I hope you’re not going to be too much of a bootlicker and will cover honestly what the DNC did to Bernie last night, Seth! Not good!*

  • azae00 Vids 10 months ago

    China builds a hospital in 10 days.. sorry just had to take a moment to let that bit of awesomeness sink in

  • Coos Oorlog 10 months ago

    That Bernie vs Yang burn was gold.

  • Benmore Peak 10 months ago

    The only thing much of America cares about right now is the idea of “owning the libs”, and so their support for Trump will not waver.

  • Jeff C 10 months ago

    This country will either implode from stupidity or explode from anger if Trump is re-elected. Either way, we’d be done. P.S. Jello? Are you kidding with this?

  • catalinacurio 10 months ago

    BBC News, surprised i haven’t seen this anywhere else yet. ?
    US President Donald Trump has lifted restrictions on the deployment of anti-personnel landmines by American forces.
    The decision reverses a 2014 Obama administration ban on the use of such weapons, which applied everywhere in the world except for in the defence of South Korea.


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