Senate GOP Tries to Rush Its Cruel Trumpcare Bill: A Closer Look



  • Dmitri Caradja 12 months ago

    I swear… the closer look segment is the only thing that I watch on this channel

  • Heracross X 12 months ago

    I wish somebody would just spike Trump’s Coke with Veritaserum to speed this investigation along.

  • Gregory Means 12 months ago

    Oh…so now the Republicans like solar…what a bunch of idiots.

  • wearesibz 12 months ago

    Trump thinking it would be cheaper to build a solar panel wall instead of a regular wall is a new level of stupid…. i applaud how impressive that level of stupid is

  • Ryan Walsh 12 months ago

    “The higher it goes, the more money it makes”

    This idiot thinks you get substantially more energy by putting the solar panels higher -_-

  • the_dead_poet 12 months ago

    Mitch McConnell : Turtles’ revenge for climate change.

  • Arctorius Tyrilian 12 months ago

    Mitch McConnell looks like the rich guy from Hannibal who cut off his face and fed it to the dogs….. after he did it.

  • Hasan Patel 12 months ago

    I know what’s in the bill !!!!


  • Somme Tinonme 12 months ago

    Watch … The Republican Downfall 😉

  • Get Rekt 12 months ago

    Genuine question: What more does Trump have to do to lose the support of his voters? I remember back during the campaign, when Trump supporters would attack Hillary for her policies and her past. But when you’d point out that Trump had done similarly bad (or worse) things, they’d say it didn’t count because when Trump did it, he wasn’t in the government. Well now Trump is in the government, and has now done the things we were worried about. Oh that’s right. Now it’s just fake news.

    Now the real problem is how mean people are to Trump. Kellyanne Conway, for example, has gone on TV and insinuated that reporters who criticize Trump should be fired. Eric Trump has wondered if Democrats who criticize Trump are even people. This is not a problem, according to Trump supporters. And in fact they agree with it. But if we even joke about Trump? “Oh no you’ve gone too far.” The other a day a Trump supporter interrupted a play because it offended him. Trump supporters will defend that guy’s actions, and then turn around and say that _we’re_ the snowflakes! It’s baffling.

  • Dejen Bosk 12 months ago

    Serious question. Why do the super wealthy need a tax cut?

  • RonaldRegain 12 months ago

    Glad not to live in USA

  • Camille Montano 12 months ago

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who hates Mitch McConnell more than Donald Trump at this point?

  • Juan Zep 12 months ago

    All you fat trump voters better not get diabetes

  • EPM 101 12 months ago

    I don’t think he knows how expensive solar panels are…

  • XHellXGeistX 12 months ago

    Can a conservative or Trump supporter explain to me why this healthcare bill is a good thing?
    I’m serious.

  • Bennie Barnett 12 months ago

    How freaking stupid are the people who follow him…

  • ThesightofPeace 97 12 months ago

    Are Republicans trying to kill us off now?

  • Anna Emerson 12 months ago

    HELP US! We don’t know how to get rid of him! No seriously – PLEASE FUCKING HELP!!!!! Trump is a lunatic. We are begging everyone to help – any nation, any religion, any ONE! Please!?!?! 😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Zico 12 months ago

    Is it me or are rally’s suppose to be held while you are campaigning right? I really don’t get this guy and his supporters? Isn’t he suppose to be the president of the United States. He shouldn’t have time for this meaningless ‘rally’ less than a year into his presidency. I can’t remember any other president ever having this much ‘rally’ type press conference after election. All jokes apart clearly this guy had no plan for actually governing the country and only won because people clearly didn’t like or trust Hilary, but I can’t see this ending well. God save us all.


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