Sen. Sanders: To Defeat Trump, Joe Biden Has To Bring New People Into His Political World

Published on April 9, 2020

In his first interview since suspending his campaign for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont shares his thoughts on Joe Biden’s path forward in this exclusive conversation with Stephen Colbert. #StephenAtHome #BernieSanders #Election2020

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  • Som Thing 2 years ago

    Can’t Bernie be Vice President?

  • Trending Reviews 2 years ago

    Now that Bernie is out (Sadly) – I’m sad to say Trump will win a 2nd term. Biden has NO chance to beat him. Sad we live in a world where people don’t realise the benefits their lives would have had if Bernie was president :(((
    Stay Safe Bernie, and Live a Long and Healthy Life. Peace.

  • Zaecus Celestis 2 years ago

    You can increase wages. You can give free tuition. You can institute radical immigration and criminal justice reform. As long as our government is willing to allow people to die because it doesn’t consider them valuable enough, none of that will do anything to strengthen our society for the changes that need to be made to address climate change. The government will always choose to sacrifice some undesirables than make the people it values uncomfortable. Until that changes, the species doesn’t stand a chance.

  • Faraaz Saiduzzaman 2 years ago

    Bernie is right about most everything…except for Biden.

  • dunkelmonkey 2 years ago

    Joe Biden is NOT a decent person…and I cannot vote for him

  • Logan 2 years ago

    Baby Boomers are going to run our country into an iceberg.

  • Blueberrymint 2 years ago

    How can america as a whole have discarded this president-to-be. How could a man like trump have won, a man without any down to earth foresight, without any good leadership qualities, without any relatable morality , without any stability, …. and a man like bernie gets discarded… it’s ludicrous. Or rather nationwide madness.

  • The Necrophymm 2 years ago

    he needs ideas and personality … oh &^%$ … 45 is gunna win again. So disappointed. I swore up and down I’d vote for a rock over 45, and now…i &^%$ing have to. Good job guys. SMH.

  • Matej matej 2 years ago

    Biden can’t be president he doesn’t know where he is he can’t speak he doesn’t understand anything. Trump 2020. Greetings from sLOVEnia east europe

  • Obama bin Laden 2 years ago

    But can we still vote for Bernie?

  • Legolas Greenleaf 2 years ago

    Well friends, Bernie quit again. What a chump. What a piece of sh**. Now Bernie, the Capitalist, can buy a fourth home with the blood money he gets from the Deep State Chicoms. Good riddance to a phony compromised old coot. If the Chicoms can stop laughing for a moment about the bio-weapon plague they unleashed on an unsuspecting world, they can take a minute to pay off Bernie. It’s a clear field now for Sleepy Deep State Joe. Joe doesn’t even know what his name is. Who do you think would run the federal government if Sleepy Joe got in (God forbid)? Joe can’t even run a record player at night. The Deep State would love to help Joe run the government with the help of the omnipresent Chicoms. Well friends, got to go. By the way, if any ex-Bernie Bros are interested President Trump welcomes all Patriotic Americans, from either Party. Disillusioned ex-Bernie Bros are welcome to jump on the Trump train any time.

  • Wayne Sitarz 2 years ago

    Continue being happy with your private insurance healthcare. Ha,ha,ha,ha.

  • Cat Shepherd 2 years ago

    Bernie, your hands are untied now. You can bring up Biden’s dementia. That’s not mudslinging, it’s speaking a truth. And I know you’re a champion of doing that.

  • Zazo Dream Mindfulness 2 years ago

    I am so disappointed…. he was actually going to help people. Are we screwed again?

  • Paul Madison 2 years ago

    When you bank on a wave of young people to come out and vote for you, you’re setting yourself up for failure. In general, 18-24 year olds don’t vote. They’re stupid.

  • Carrieann McLeod 2 years ago

    Great, we now have a choice between rock (idiot) and a hard place (alzheimer’s/dementia).

  • JohnJaggerJack 2 years ago

    Bernie the problem with greedy people and corporations is a fundamental mental and social illness. It can be described as “capital hoarding” it as bad as the people that hoard toilet paper. People that cling, store, hide, steal, take, money as if they could ever spend all of it during their lifetimes. And this problem needs to be addressed because, when capital becomes stationary, it means that investments are not happening. Money needs to flow, to lubricate the machine that is our economy. But it should flow into the machinery that keeps 100% (not 1%) of mankind healthy, happy and focused on the ultimate goal, longevity of the species. What use will the 1% have if the system collapses due to their greed and hoarding? It will send us back to the dark ages and if so nobody will escape, not the 99%’s children nor the 1% offspring.

  • Metalbass10000 2 years ago

    Neither Biden nor Trump will ever be interested in doing anything to change the status quo, other than to take more income and wealth away from the poor, the middle class, the upper middle class, and funnel it into the hands of the already wealthy.

  • C J 2 years ago

    I’m sad for this to happen,.. However, there’s still chance for a more progressive future than now, starting with Biden this fall, and an even more progressive candidate in the next election 4 years from . Everybody needs to vote. Otherwise the republicans will take away the democrats rights to vote even more than now, as they did with the Wisconsin ruling. This cannot happen. The future of the USA is at stake here. I honestly believe so,..

    This is not the end of this movement. It’ll just take a little bit longer. But vote people. Vote.

  • Antonio Yazzie 2 years ago

    “full-throated enough”. I hate that term. I’ve never heard that phrase, but think he could’ve used a different term when addressing Bernie.


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