Sen. Richard Burr Gives Out Fidget Spinners During Impeachment Trial

Published on January 24, 2020

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Thursday, January 23.

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  • Richard Green 8 months ago

    Correction: beaver butt stuff goes into artificial vanilla flavoring, not real vanilla extract.

    SMDH at myself for even knowing this.

  • Black Rod 8 months ago

    1:20 was this fking guy trying to do a real life ‘How High’?

  • Da Golden Llama 8 months ago

    Got the 26th comment

  • Usha 8 months ago

    speaking as a Brit I too wish they would just get on with it jeesh….

  • Kristin Wood 8 months ago

    Richard Burr was backchanneling Russia investigation info back to the WH. He’s lucky he still has his job.

  • TheKaiTetley 8 months ago

    When I say this ice cream tastes like ass, I am correct. It does taste like ass.

  • bernadette black 8 months ago

    We now know the Republicans have ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER . We Give our kids Drugs to surpress this . But these Senators’ are being paid to be BOARD. They should have been droped off at the Sitters before the TRIAL Started .

  • Peau Eram 8 months ago

    What about handling them all back their balls that Trump took away from them to play with.

  • R L 8 months ago

    Has anyone else seen the 2006 movie, “Idiocracy”? Yeah.. well, we’re headed there for sure.

  • azae00 Vids 8 months ago

    “are you kidding me?”
    – Ford

    Can it not get more literal ? ? ?

  • No Good Boyo 8 months ago

    Hey Seth – how can you guys STILL be confusing England with the UK? FFS read a geography book

  • Johnny Barger 8 months ago

    Fidget spinners. I would have to have good bourbon and some nice Kush to listen to the do nothing dumbocrates.

  • Jason Jimerson 8 months ago

    Well, it is official… Our government is run by children.

  • ProjectFlashlight612 8 months ago

    Why do the Republicans need stress relief toys? They are there to just sit around and wait til the Dems finish, then acquit the orange traitor in two minutes. That is stressful?!

  • TheDaxter11 8 months ago

    this guy makes so many jokes i cant tell if some of the things he brings up are true or just made up to tell a joke

    i love it

  • Carlo Jones 8 months ago

    Beaver anus for food flavoring.
    Who and how did that happen

  • Conny Bartels 8 months ago

    Not funny just immature and childish. And such men are representives of the US people. How low have democracy sunken under Drumpf with those corrupt toddlers of the GOP.

  • Da Squirrel 8 months ago

    To be faaaaaaaair. Fidget spinners is at the upper level of intellectual hobbies able to be performed by this collection of Republicans

  • David Blankenship 8 months ago

    Whether you agree with his politics or not, Richard Burr always gave out full sized Milky Way bars on Halloween, and that’s gotta count for something

  • will crow 8 months ago

    Beaver Anal Glands are used as ‘thickening agents’ in McDonald’s Vanilla Shakes! LOOK IT UP.


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