Sen. Michael Bennet on Government Spending, Economic Growth and Marijuana

Published on May 17, 2019

Senator Michael Bennet talks about unnecessary government spending, the lack of economic growth and the need to make government work for Americans again.

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  • Hamza Ouamrouche 4 months ago

    Government spending Marijuana(TAXATION and Health care) and to bring Economic Growth is prioritary

  • Robert Glass 4 months ago

    Congratulations Colorado, on mushroom legalization! Micro-dosing saved my life.

  • James Black 4 months ago

    The Democratic version of Ben Carson… Snore…

  • James Black 4 months ago

    All the problems that each candidate is taking on all lead back to money and politics. If our Representatives actually represented ‘we the people’ and not the highest bidder, these problems would be minimal to nonexistent.

  • New Message 4 months ago

    He… He thinks China sent somebody to the moon?


  • Juwoki 4 months ago

    American democracy IS, what got us into this mess.
    PLEASE do something to become a democracy that deserves that name. No more voter suppression, no electoral college, REAL checks and balances without the loopholes that Trump uses to suppress the release of information.


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