Sen. Lindsey Graham – On Trump, The War in Ukraine & Immigration Reform | The Daily Show

Published on March 20, 2023

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham and Al Franken discuss how they are aligned politically when it comes to the war in Ukraine, the need for immigration reform, the possible Trump indictment and what Sen. Graham calls a “never-ending effort to take a wrecking ball” to the former president. #DailyShow #Comedy




  • C Rogers 6 months ago

    Graham is such a soulless, spineless garbage person. Showing up here trying to get ahead the well-earned hatred by randomly chuckling and making dumb jokes. He is a bad, bad person. I don’t fault Franken for having him on – he is probably the best congressman ever at bipartisan cordiality and I really think he is still sincerely trying to find common ground. But Graham sold his soul to MAGA in Year 1. What a phony.

  • Master Tenderloin 6 months ago

    He could have asked hard hitting questions, instead they laughed and giggled throughout the show as though they were childhood bestfriends

  • Shelly O'Brien 6 months ago

    “Uh, yeah. That’s how it’s SUPPOSED to work…” I loved it!

  • Mr Torrance 6 months ago

    Al needs a shower after close proximity to that pig..

  • molly cruz 6 months ago

    Graham is doped up. HIs faith in Trump is based on all the effort and money that’s been aimed at keeping him aloft, in spite of the legal perils he’s about to face that could end his run for dog catcher. As usual, there’s billions of various people’s money going down the toilet that is the story of Donald from his earliest ventures. Poor Lindsey was so damaged by Trump’s arrival, but these days there’s stuff, I’d say Paxil, for how bereft he must feel, as his career goes into the dumpster with the major haul of Trumpsters from the Right. The party’s over. A DUMPSTER FULL OF TRUMPSTERS !

  • Nicholas Langton 6 months ago

    oh ahahah lindsey is so funny… while he directly contributes to destroying a county for personal gain. What a hoot. Coward

  • Steven Martinez 6 months ago

    Graham ruins literally everything.

  • Amit Sunil 6 months ago

    5 mins in, where’s the laughs

  • DJ Ish 6 months ago

    One of the most interesting interviews I have ever seen no disrespect to Trevor.

  • J Richards 6 months ago

    Donald Trump has shown repeatedly that he can’t take criticism despite surviving it. I’d love to say that Graham is the only phony in Washington but sadly he is just one of many. I truly believe he has no conscience.

  • Charles s 6 months ago

    Lindsay Graham is such a slime ball.

  • Curt Randall 6 months ago

    I would say Graham deserves some credit for being a sport and doing this. On the other hand, he is a proven two-face so this just comes natural to him.

  • TechFan 6 months ago

    Just as cringe as imagined. Thanks AL for reminding us who the Republicans are.

  • Om Eyehead 6 months ago

    Nuke it!

  • Corey Bell 6 months ago


  • duaneb21 6 months ago

    I don’t believe a word out of lady G’s mouth!


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