Sen. Kyrsten Sinema gets sympathy tips from Roman Emperor

Published on March 8, 2021

An Ancient Roman Emperor critiques Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s barbaric gesture on the Senate floor while voting down a minimum-wage hike.

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Clip air date 3/8/2021

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  • robert caldwell 1 month ago

    She’s definitely no John McCain. Notice the little courtesy as she did her thumbs down? Not a move I see McCain make.

  • aileenpi73 1 month ago

    Sinema is a hypocrite

  • Harold S 1 month ago

    It’s fitting she’s acting like a child considering she’s dressed like a damn school girl.

  • Associates & GIvens 1 month ago

    Ms. Sinema! Ms. Sinema! NO?

    She and Joe Manchin are VERY dangerous obstacles to the American people getting the financial help they need because of Pandemic and job losses!

    Thanks TOTN for shining a light on “Ms. I Don’t Want To Kill The Filibuster!”

  • Tyg Rahof 1 month ago

    This is the rich saying FU to the working poor. Every vote against the poor should be met with a tasing…

  • Jacob 1 month ago

    go to hell psychopath rich people

  • kimberly cornelius 1 month ago

    We wear masks at work,I’m a waitress and a woman complain I wasn’t smiling at her and she got free desert 10% off and free mints. Wth ? Its been real

  • Lindalee Law 1 month ago

    p.s when your kid is making $8 an hr. Dont complain .
    Selfish selfish .

  • Kevin Brooking 1 month ago

    Here is an idea; vote the way your constituents want. These rich privileged assholes forgot they are there to “represent” a body of voters.

  • Cookie Boo 1 month ago

    Maybe she needs to face a primary challenge

  • Billy Tell 1 month ago

    Arizonan speaking here…I’m sorry everyone. On behalf of my state representative, I want to apologize to the nation and everyone this vote had the chance to help for what an insensitive thing Sen. Sinema did. I’m actually embarrassed to call her my senator. Next senate race, we’ll try and do better. ❤️

  • Julian Vargas 1 month ago

    Animated Colbert has the balls to say what he can’t

  • eljoel89 1 month ago

    Her career in politics needs to be done. She needs recalled.

  • TheDutchViewer 1 month ago

    *Is she a Senator or a high-school girl, jeez act your age.*

  • Butt Hurtz 1 month ago

    It doesn’t hurt to pay people a living wage. No human is better than another. People should be aloud to have a resectable life without being treated as a slave. Your ambition is what decides how much money you make.

  • albear972 1 month ago

    Sorry, but this tooning out the news sketch sucks ASS. The Steven Colbert show on the other hand is fantastic.

  • Dharma Bum 1 month ago

    She’ll come to regret that unless she joins the GOP like she should

  • Sweger Shanna 1 month ago

    Yeah Arizona, she’s gotta go.

  • RF K 1 month ago

    She’s like since late Sen.John McCain from my state gave a thumb up👍to preserve the Affordable care act let me counter balance the reaction with a thumb down with a vote against minimum wage increase….Centrist to moderate Dems in the upper chambers are more of the GOP especially in resolutions they vote on.

  • Madison Wells 1 month ago

    She did this on the same floor to mock John McCain.
    I’ve never been a fan of the Republican Party, but the party now is a mockery of what it once was. A bunch of sniveling ingrates, with a leader who can’t control them.


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