Sen. Kamala Harris Weighs in on Tiger King and Carole Baskin’s Missing Husband

Published on April 8, 2020

Senator Kamala Harris discusses the Supreme Court’s decision on Wisconsin’s primary election, the need to protect voting rights and Netflix’s documentary series Tiger King.

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  • New Message 6 months ago

    I’m worried Donnie uses this virus, and his constant attempts to make it as bad as it can be to declare a national emergency, and delay the elections if he think he has even a remote chance of losing.

  • Margaret Nicol 6 months ago

    I wonder if we’ll come out of this with a bit more empathy for people who are on their own. Maybe check the old lady down the street is doing OK? That sort of thing.

  • James Lee 6 months ago

    Americans downfall will be republicans trying to stay in power.

  • Smooth Noodle 6 months ago

    I ain’t no snitch but I know Carole be about that hood life. 💯

  • Hue Bennet 6 months ago

    When I was young things had only recently changed. I was raised to stand up for myself. In today’s world that simply cannot be done. As soon as you have to protect yourself from bodily harm you are punished for hurting your attacker.

    I recall playing with my “friends”, across the dirt road of the trailer I lived in. They would shove, spit and use vulgar language to offend me. Then they would lie and I would be punished for tattling.

    One day we were in front of their trailer,
    when suddenly the youngest girl came running and tripped down the steps of the patio. She had a stick in her mouth, pointed outward, pretending to be a dog. What dog would run with a stick like that, I do not know.
    Immediately her brothers started laughing. I was already passing them and her,
    to find her father inside.
    She was taken by ambulance and I was informed she was saved with only 8 minutes to spare before critical blood loss would have occurred.

    She is now married with a child.
    I often ponder the likelyhood of her brothers and their friends, from across the the tracks, having laughed as their sister died, had I not been there. I’m unsure, but eight minutes is a long time. I like to hope they would have only taken one minute at most.

    Years later when I was nine her brother
    thought it would amuse him and others to tackle and perhaps wrestle me.
    He came running from behind me at the park, while I was about to walk home.I was aware of him before he got 10 feet from me. I did not turn to look.
    When he impacted I shifted my weight and allowed him to crumple around me. Then I placed him on his back and closed
    off his air way for 8-12 second periods until he stopped.
    Then I asked if he was done.He said yes, then repeated the scenario twice, each time my force increasing slightly.
    At this point I was growing impatient with him and about to break somthing, when his father, who had been watching the entire time, came from his truck across the street. He grabbed his son and his older 12 year old brother by the ear and dragged them away.
    My great aunt who was worried when I did not return on time had just arrived.
    When she came to me so did the father. He and my aunt knew and respected each other as members of a small community.
    He asked her if next time I am bullied by his son she could let him know so that he could have me box his son, with gloves on the lawn, to straighten him out.
    I never had a problem from his son again.

  • Hibo Maxamad 6 months ago

    We will miss u Democrates💙😍🙋‍♀️

  • ilikethisnamebetter 6 months ago

    There is basically no evidence that Carole Baskin killed her husband, as Kamala Harris clearly implies here. I don’t think it’s responsible – or fair – for anyone to publicly make such a suggestion, certainly not a US senator.

  • kenneth byrne 6 months ago

    dude i voted for this for Sen of Calif. b4 she sat down in dem chamber she started her campaign for Potus now i see her doin her best impression of DJT she WONT get my vote for Sen ever again…

  • Rotary Fever 6 months ago

    That show is America in a nuttshell.

  • John Collins 6 months ago

    Having ACCESS to something that’s rigged is subversion of your rights.
    What’s your thoughts on Steven Mnuchin’s guilt?

  • chimpakawanzelu 6 months ago

    hey look! it’s the next geraldine ferraro.

  • Sherry Morris 6 months ago

    I really hope one day soon a reporter asks Trump if he is watching Tiger King. I imagine Trump’s answer will be about the ratings & also ask how he feels about being isolated. I imagine that answer would be about how much he misses Hell-A-Mago & golf. 🍑🖥⛳

  • brandowag3 6 months ago

    This Harris would get elected.

  • D.J. Nichols Comedy 6 months ago

    Whoa #latenight didn’t expect to see Kamala Harris’ opinion on everyone’s favorite show tiger king! Cool, you guys do a great job, keep them jokes coming lol!😷

  • สาระ และความบรรเทิง 6 months ago

    Hey, wasn’t she “that girl” who endorsed the old guy who’s going to lose to the orange turd.

  • BaD LoSs 6 months ago

    Oh greeeeeat another corrupt politician whos wearing a collar and a leash given to her by her rich elitists owner who put money in her pocket so she will help ruin the lives of American citizens everywhere….Brought to us in part by the money in NBCs pocket…..
    The more you know…….

  • Library Minnie 6 months ago

    OMG, everybody’s home, let’s have interviews. It is so nice to have company! I feel like this is tougher than 9/11 because many states are moving along as if nothing. Is happening. They are having a vacation, we are having a pandemic with climbing death tolls and a true crisis that leaves us so fundamentally terrified and vulnerable. This is the silent 9/11 on steroids.and there is no end in sight.

  • Matt Lygoe 6 months ago

    Quality lady

  • Allen Rice 6 months ago

    Kamala issa Fox!! I’ve learned through life that women who share similar looks and attitudes are some of the freakiest chicks there is. I bet she loves the Amazon position 👉👌🏁😘😂😂

  • Young Dab-A-Roosa 6 months ago

    Kamala Harris is the finest politician I ever seen


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