Sen. Kamala Harris on George Floyd, Trump Tear-Gassing Protestors and the 2020 Election

Published on June 3, 2020

Jimmy opens The Tonight Show with a monologue before speaking with Senator Kamala Harris about the arrest of all four officers involved in George Floyd’s death, Trump ordering tear gas to be used on peaceful protestors and the importance of the 2020 election.

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  • Syed Fareed 1 month ago

    and u still condemn HK police for doing the same thing.. what’s the word again, Jimmy?.. starts with a Hyp..

  • Aaron Waud 1 month ago

    So… there’s a theme here. All black guests. I really hope Jimmy doesn’t feel he has to “prove” anything. But I’m glad they were his guests tonight cause those were some of the best interviews I’ve seen in a while.

  • alvisa 1 month ago

    Man what are you doing on politics ???? Not your deal ….

  • Pursuit 1 month ago

    Awesome channel

  • Thanh Mai 1 month ago

    Kamala Harris for VP 🙌💯

  • Zbigniew Brezinsky 1 month ago

    Instead of the Holy Bible, he should have posed with “Mein Kampf” in his hand !

  • Henry Lau 1 month ago

    Mail Ballots are kinda like RAID for the King Cockroach!

  • Dorothy Crews 1 month ago

    He stays in the basement. Donald Trump is nothing but a coward..

  • Gray Fox 1 month ago

    Blue calms me down, red makes me feel angry.

  • Pat Feo 1 month ago

    Evils in the world hates people who do righteous. And the Lord God Almighty hates all evil. So evil people have much, much more too worry about..

  • Annet T 1 month ago

    Black people, Indigenous people, aborginals all are treated with disrespect. When you are different, when your gay, have an other religion. It goes so much further. Unfortunately people easily forget, remember Rodney King, remember Standing Rock, remember gun control. all protest that made many people go onto the streets and now you hear almost nobody about it anymore. But the situation for black people isn’t change, the pipeline came and the people around Standing Rock are still facing the threat of a pipeline burst, the gun control isn’t happening. But who is talking about that anymore????

  • niko maestas 1 month ago

    Fuck Trump and fuck Kamala..her policies only hurt communities of color stop letting these politicians gaslight you for votes!!!!’

  • MsThorma 1 month ago

    My favorite part of you show is Nancy’s giggles!!

  • Coletha Albert 1 month ago

    The police union is the problem. Don’t call 911 ever again.

  • Film Crew 1 month ago

    Jimmy, I dug your stache too… Was like Magnum hosting The Tonight Show… 😍

  • TheMedia Lies 1 month ago

    what about all the cops are being killed? What the hell happened to covid19?

  • Diane MARTINEZ 1 month ago

    Kamala Harris.☮🙏 For Vp….well said….✌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Daniel B 1 month ago

    I realize the death of George Floyd was a tragedy, but what about the hundreds of people murdered in these riotts? Who’s out there speaking for them?


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