Sen. Elizabeth Warren Previews Her DNC Appearance With Her Dog Bailey!

Published on August 19, 2020

In a Late Show exclusive, Senator Elizabeth Warren declares that Joe Biden will be a better president than Donald Trump. Plus, she gives America what they really want: an appearance from her dog Bailey! #ElizabethWarren #LateShowLIVE #DNC

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  • glacier activity 2 years ago

    If I was American just coming out of the cave I have lived in for the last 5 years, being a bit confused about WTHell was going on right now – my approach would be simple. I would trust whatever Elizabeth Warren said and advised as absolute gospel. With absolute knowledge that running by her advice, I would have picked one of the absolute best choices of my life. She is one of the best-qualified humans in history. Period.

  • Tey Treet 2 years ago

    Biden/Harris is so unmotivating. Wish we had like Sanders/Warren (Or vise vesa) or something.

  • Stout Shako 2 years ago

    Bailey is now the frontrunner for 2024

  • Cuss Bunny Sid 2 years ago

    If Elizabeth had won we could have had Presidential Bailey Briefings. Just saying.

  • antony michael 2 years ago

    1. A Country with a “Fascist”, “Totalitarian” and “Mentally Unfit” Leader.
    2. A “Right Wing” Party that’s “Subservient and Afraid” of the Leader.
    3. A “Centralised, Power without Oversight”.
    4. An “Uncoordinated and Divided Government”.
    5. A “Contempt for the Rule of Law”
    6. “Fascist Ideals”, a focus on “Autarky and World Domination”.
    7. “Military Parades” to please the Egotistical Leader.
    8. “Military Spending increases the National Debt by Billions”.
    9. The National Debt is “Highest Ever and Out Of Control”. = 1,000,000,000,000 (1Trillion)
    10. The Co-operation with “Russia and Other Dictatorships”.
    11. A “Suppression of the Free Press”.
    12. An increase in “Right Wing Extremism”.
    13. “Census Data used Against Perceived Enemies”.
    14. The “Pervasive use of Right Wing Propaganda”.
    15. “Supremacist Ideals” and “Right Wing” Rallies and Marches.
    16. A “Forced Relocation” of Citizens and Scientists
    17. A “Suppression of Academics and Scientists”.
    18. “Increased Racism and Persecution”.
    19. “Discrimination against Ethnic Minorities”.
    20. “Persecution of the LGBT community”.
    21. The “Rounding up of Innocent People”.
    22. Stating “Jews” are “Disloyal, Brutal Killers and not Nice People”.
    23. “Concentration and Internment Camps”.
    24. “Intimidation of Opposition Officials and Citizens”.
    25. The Leader “Breaks and Abandons agreements with Allies”.
    26. The “Leader is Paranoid” and “Asks his Doctors for Drugs”.
    27. “Military and S.S. units used as Police to deter unrest”.
    28. “Martial Domination and Intimidation of the Citizens”.
    29. The “High Rank Military turn against the Leader”.
    30. “Racist Traits”, High Crimes”, and “Social Injustices” are ignored by the Followers.
    31. The “Leader, Government and Party Members”, “Corruptly Enrich Themselves”.
    32. The Leader “Ignores Advisors and Scientists”, and makes “Irrational Decisions and Deadly Mistakes”.
    33. The “Mental Health” and the “Physical State of the Leader Deteriorates”.
    34. The Leader is “Selfish and Uncaring” and “Lets His Own People Die Needlessly”.
    35. The Leader  “Hides from Reality in his Underground Bunker” and his “Safe Houses”.
    36. “The World” watches a once “Respected and Proud” country…….. “Fail and Fall”.

    Question… Which country is above?

    A. “HITLER’S NAZI GERMANY”…… in 1944-45?.
    B. “TRUMP’S REPUBLICAN AMERICA” ……in 2019- 20?”.

    You decide! ……(But it’s actually B).

  • Feral Worker 2 years ago


  • Christian Xander James 2 years ago

    Famous quote
    Never trust anyone who doesn’t drink.

    Strange that…
    Guess who is T Total.

  • Josie Fox 2 years ago

    Trump has never been held accountable for any of his criminal excesses and that’s how America created a monster. The media made dirty Donald Trump and then got him elected in 2016. Reporters need to stop cowtowing to rich old white men.

  • Christopher Manley 2 years ago

    After 2:16, I just scrubbed ahead to see if there was anymore Bailey.

  • Ventura2050 2 years ago

    So her plan to ditch Bernie in favor of Biden didn’t work as planned.

  • Jeannie Helliwell 2 years ago

    Aww the doggy picture has disappeared again! 🐶🇦🇺❤️

  • blueberry smasher 2 years ago

    Sure you miss the long dragged out selfie lines. Standing in her heels and fake smiling for four hours, waiting for ego-stoking strangers to leave. Love you and support you, but I’m not buy it Warren.

  • Helen 2 years ago

    Love her! Hope she works on Biden’s cabinet in the future.

  • Jeannie Helliwell 2 years ago

    OMG my dog goes mad for liver treats too. We call it chocolate for dogs! Go Bailey! 🐶🇦🇺🙏🏻❤️

  • bLuGhOsT 2 years ago


  • John P J Keating 2 years ago

    I’m very impressed with at least 10 top women in the Democratic Party. However , Elizabeth Warren would walk into leadership in the rest of the developed world

  • jirou nan 2 years ago

    Hoped some Cherokee war chantings.

  • Okkie Trooy 2 years ago

    I really like Elizabeth Warren

  • Karen 2 years ago

    I like her hair


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