Sen. Elizabeth Warren Praises Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Commitment to Justice

Published on July 1, 2022

Sen. Elizabeth Warren talks about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson becoming the first Black woman on the Supreme Court, discusses the implications of the Supreme Court’s decisions on climate change and Roe v. Wade, and provides ways Americans can take action.

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  • Aaron Eisenberg 9 months ago

    In the good version of this world, she would be in her second term as President.

  • Hopes and dreams 9 months ago


  • Cancun771 9 months ago

    Damn shame we couldn’t *get rid of DeJoy before the midterms.*
    Guess we *didn’t have the votes!* Or they’re *”building an airtight case!1″* Sorry, I get my excuses for inaction mixed up so easily these

  • Balletified 9 months ago

    Scotus: blessed be the fruit

  • Kieran Whippy 9 months ago

    Stand united America and stand strong. It’s not scotus’ country it’s yours 💪

  • silentjay01 9 months ago

    While the two candidates she named have said they are committed to codifying Roe as a Law, I have less faith in the Corporate Democrats that are already in the Senate. It feels like, if we have a way to neutralize Manchin & Sinema then some other easily purchased purple state Dem will stand up to block the way.

    Until the top leadership of the Democrat party is staunchly Progressive, I feel like no real change will happen.

    (Lord, how I wish we had Ranked Choice voting)

  • Roberta Pardon 9 months ago

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  • Katherene Wedic 9 months ago

    She’s the only one that I get a true selfless vibe from. She’s the only one who is willing to deal with big banks, etc… It’s $hit that wasserman ignored The People

  • onequartercanadian 9 months ago

    okay i love how warren gives off excited teacher energy

  • Me Notyou 9 months ago

    Senator Karen was too busy trying to mug Elon Musk to notice that this was coming. Now it’s too late Karen…

  • Olorin 9 months ago

    Autocracy is endemic in the republican party at every level. At what point do they become an illegitimate party? Insurrection at the executive and congressional levels, activist judges pushing their morality at the supreme court, gerrymandering and targeted voter suppression at the state level.

  • Ava Langrin 9 months ago

    If Elizabeth Warren didn’t stab Bernie Sanders in the back by accusing him of being a misogynist and then failing to drop out of the primaries so we might have consolidated the progressive votes against the corporate Democrats, we might have had more effective leadership than Biden and Kamala Harris. Warren is a lying careerist. Her behavior during the Democratic primaries showed me that she would do anything to further her OWN agenda. Warren however, got nothing for all her duplicitous behavior, not VP or a cabinet position. Warren probably lost an ally in Bernie Sanders with her betrayal because Bernie wanted her to run against Hillary. That’s why her accusations that Bernie said a woman couldn’t be president were an utter failure. She is irrelevant as far as I am concerned and needs to sit in a corner and STFU. 🤨🤨🤨🤨.

  • GiarkReleos 9 months ago

    13 districts with only nine justices , . . . seems past due to match these up, especially since the justices are not aligned with the society it is “part” of . . . get er done !!

  • Adriano Casemiro 9 months ago

    She should have been elected President… What a waste!

  • Dominic Castelli 9 months ago

    The Federalist Society is the real root cause of all this trouble. They need to be eradicated.

  • 02bher1 9 months ago

    🤔It is sickening that the Supreme court has MORE power then the actual President of America! Set a limit of years that they get to sit just like the one for the President!🤨

  • melek twelve 9 months ago

    SCOTUS has become so corrupt now. 6 votes for sale. Highest bidders win. The people lose.

  • damncows 9 months ago

    Warren screwed Bernie over by running as a progressive then backing Biden.

  • Alex Vimo 9 months ago

    People should listen to Senator Elizabeth Warren and her to do list… In addition, to her praises of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for her new role on the Supreme Court. Vote in November…..just like Senator Warren says is the way to start change!!!


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