Sen. Elizabeth Warren Discusses Iran, Avoiding War and Trump’s Impeachment Trial

Published on January 7, 2020

Senator Elizabeth Warren discusses how she would deescalate tensions with Iran, how she would avoid war as president and the impeachment of President Trump.

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  • ravi shankar 2 years ago

    Most people think Trump did this attack on Iran for the security and safety of #America…. but actually he did this to bring the attention from his impending #Impeachment… he is not a, like everyone thinks, “An Idiot”

  • ZX Prophet 2 years ago

    In what world does killing a terrorist make us less safe

  • Ryan lex 2 years ago

    The irony when the mainstream media is totally dominated by the lefties/liberal like example: CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, new York times, including all talk show is very liberal, Hollywood ect..

  • Christopher Stephens 2 years ago

    People have no fucking power! Nice try! The only people with power are lobbyists.

  • xyzz Doe 2 years ago

    Surely this is more articles of impeachment?

  • lvan Big Nob 2 years ago

    Seth meyers is a DNC rent boy

  • michael majewski 2 years ago

    Pair of fucking idiots

  • AIRLINENA 2 years ago

    Not one word about healthcare

  • Bucky Pinata 2 years ago

    Pro terrorist sympathizer warren…..title corrected

  • Jacqueline Leubin 2 years ago


  • JERRY AHRENS 2 years ago

    She doesn’t have a real grip on reality. Diplomacy doesn’t work unless both sides respect each other !!! Passive kalidascope dreams not gonna fly! There’s no negotiating with an atom! And I don’t think they care!!! G.B.A!!!

  • Brian Fleury 2 years ago

    Senator Warren,
    I have been a supporter of your senatorial career and have been amazed by your tenacity and knowledge in regards to banking and consumer financial issues. I have admired you and have been proud to have you as my senator. Why can’t you continue in that role?
    I might as well state that up until 2016, while I could not be described as a lifelong Democrat (registered as unenrolled in Massachusetts, but having never voted Republican), I have been voting for Democratic candidates for over 40 years. That all changed in 2016 with the national rise of your colleague Senator Sanders. I had been among those who signed up for and listened to Air America in the early 2000s, tuning into Al Franken, Rachel Maddow, The Young Turks, but mostly The Thom Hartmann Radio Show where every Friday Sanders spent one hour answering questions from any and all callers.
    Sanders handled “Brunch With Bernie” very well for many years. Can you imagine many of your congressional colleagues regularly putting themselves in the crossfire like that? He is a unique politician who supports, and has supported for decades, the issues that have only gained more prominence and importance over the years. His views are quite similar to those you have expressed and I thought you shared Sanders’ principles. In 2016, I discovered that you either have no principles or don’t understand what principles mean.
    Having a principle means you will never violate those ideas or views you hold dear. But you got Potomac Fever and was seduced by the corrupt Democratic National Committee machine. Rather than supporting Sanders, someone with whom I THOUGHT you agreed on policy, you put politics and personal ambition ahead of your country. You supported a neocon war hawk like Secretary Clinton simply because you had made the calculation that she would win and you could advance in the party.
    That is the way I SAW IT at the time and it has now come to pass. You prostrated yourself in front of the DNC after you had been so badly treated by President Obama and Democratic insiders when you tried to assume your deserved role as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which was your brainchild. It was not pretty and the disastrous result, the election of Trump, was the payment for your betrayal.
    There is hope. You can redeem yourself in my eyes and those of Progressives everywhere. Please, for the love of Pete, drop out of the Democratic presidential primary race, preferably before New Hampshire, and throw your complete support behind the candidacy of Senator Sanders. You are either knowingly or unknowingly being used by the Democratic party whose elites hate your policies, in order to assure the reelection of Donald Trump or at least Biden who is a waste of oxygen. They are leading you around and you will be discarded as soon as you are no longer of any value to them. Instead of simply knocking minority voters off the rolls and fixing vote counts, like the DNC did in 2016, they are crowding the field in order to force the nominating convention into a second vote where the super-delegates get to override the will of the Democratic voters.
    I hate to be the one to tell you, but you will never be President of the United States. I proudly voted for Senator Kennedy (as senator and presidential candidate) as a Massachusetts citizen, but because of Chappaquiddick, I knew he would never be president. The native American scandal is your Chappaquiddick, Senator Warren, and you should accept that fact. If you stay in the race, you are working to reelect President Trump. The consultants and fundraisers in the Democratic party are fine with that. If Bernie is elected, they are out in the street. With Trump’s reelection, their gravy train continues.
    I will be voting for Senator Sanders for president, even if I have to write in his name in the general election and I am not alone. I will probably vote for your reelection to the senate, but you will not have a lock on my vote if you continue your role in the reelection of the president. You are in a unique position to regain your dignity and the admiration of your constituents, including me.
    Please make the right choice.
    Kind regards

  • Alan Hughes 2 years ago

    I hate Trump and hope he gets removed from office, but the choice isn’t between war with Iran or peace, there’s never going to be peace.

  • Hugo Stiglitz 2 years ago

    Bernie 2020

  • the 48thRonin 2 years ago


  • Ryan Snow 2 years ago

    4:25 Wow, well that went below the belt

  • Lex K 2 years ago

    Even if Warren doesn’t become the POTUS, I would want her to be the VP of America. She’s intelligent and smart, and knows how to fix the economy. I’m a fan of hers, and her student Katie Porter.

  • invisible man 2 years ago

    Americans can vote for Bernie Sanders and Medicare for All in 2020
    …0r…They can vote for Trump and watch him spend 10 trillion dollars
    on a war with Iran over the next 4 years.

  • S Clair 2 years ago

    I like Warren and agree with everything she said, but she didn’t really answer the questions of “What would you do?” and “How will you make sure you keep promises to commit to peace when previous administrations haven’t?”

  • haider hlsk 2 years ago

    What does ” a bad guy” mean?!!!


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