Sen. Cory Booker Talks Race, Empathy, And His Legislation To Stop Abuses Of Power By Law Enforcem…

Published on June 5, 2020

In this extended conversation with Stephen Colbert, the Senator from New Jersey shares his personal feelings about the murder of George Floyd and the legislation he and Sen. Kamala Harris introduced to abolish rules like Qualified Immunity, which protect police when they commit violence against citizens. Senator Booker also comments on the abhorrent treatment of peaceful demonstrators by law enforcement, egged on by the Trump administration, and his thoughts on Joe Biden’s options for running mate in the 2020 presidential election. #StephenAtHome #SenatorBooker #CoryBooker

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  • Nicole Cordova 2 years ago

    Weed should be legal, if Donald Trump can be PRESIDENT?🤔💚🙌

  • cave felem 2 years ago

    This is what a president should be like. I hope he will run again!

  • pepperoni prepper 2 years ago

    while we are on holding people accountable, USA soldiers over seas who commit war crimes are not accountable to the international criminal courts. How about USA become 100% accountable for its actions, both domestic and internationally. change not just the focus on one element of the American society, but to the entire society and its faith in its own belief systems. If america is truely just, it has no reason to fear international judgement.

  • Kimberly Cecil 2 years ago

    Rand Paul can’t even get along with his own neighbor, he brought covid 19 to his co-workers, he’s a despicable human being. If being silent is consent for the inhumane treatment of our black neighbor, we must continue to shout out our disagreement by using our voice with social media, setting a good example in our communities with our actions, and using our VOTE in the upcoming elections! Black lives matter and deserve our support!

  • Simon Dowd 2 years ago

    Powerful and beautiful interview. Booker’s genuine raw emotion, intelligence and eloquence showed him here to be be a true leader not just a politician. He was passionate and genuine, the latter being a quality which is sadly in short supply with most politicians. God bless you Mr Booker.

  • Seyna Lappage 2 years ago

    Whatever happened to sit ins

  • Creative Designation 2 years ago

    The point Cory Booker is making is very important. You can’t defend your values by abandoning them. It is hard to do so, when those values are threatened by tactics that seem to know no values. But how can we expect others to adopt our values when we ourselves don’t adhere to them?

  • Tedger 2 years ago

    Colbert.. one of americas greatest nerds.. 😀 nice title 😀

  • Peter Harris 2 years ago

    Just scratch the surface of the great unwashed population and you will find hatred and bigotry under the illusion of a civil society.

  • Vyxsin Fiala Savage 2 years ago

    I wish I could vote for you as President, Sir. Thank you for not leaving us feeling abandoned during this scary time. A a mother of 3 little ones, your leadership would give me hope.

  • LivB 2 years ago

    I so wish America choose a president like Booker. I don’t get why you want old men with dementia

  • HEXXEN WOLF 2 years ago

    I wish I could hug Booker. I want minorities of all colors, shapes, and sizes to know that they’re loved. It breaks my heart to know how many people are abused by this system and how many are told they’re unworthy through action. I see you and I stand with you. ❤️

  • Maaike R 2 years ago

    What it is isn’t sad…..its criminal. He broke american law and international law and he is making a democracy into a police state…a dictatorship. It should have major legal consequences for trump and his co-conspirators. These are illegal orders and they know it. To not give this more consequences then “we are sad” is to allow USA to become a dictatorship.

  • Steve Geeves 2 years ago

    Over the last few weeks i have watched intelligent,caring,law abiding men and women, in positions of status and authority,pour out their emotions and their thoughts.All of which are deeply moving,even watching from thousands of miles away,i feel the rawness. The real worry is that this is not the first time i have watched and seen this scenario play out. It breaks my heart ,because i don’t think it will be the last time either. Politicians come and go,great inspiring people come and go,respected members of the churches come and go, but racism is still strong. I have no idea what the future holds but unless there is a radical change of national consciousness which is impossible in such a short period of time, things will only feel better for a while,until the next innocent black man or woman dies at the hands of a white police officer and we start all over.. If there is a god,then i really think he just doesn’t give a shit..

  • Justin Mc 2 years ago

    Why aren’t you talking about the Republicans suffering from covid-19 and keeping it a secrete?

    Democrats in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives on Thursday accused Republicans of keeping a lawmaker’s positive coronavirus test a secret to avoid political embarrassment, even at the risk of exposing their Democratic colleagues.

    Representative Andrew Lewis, a Republican, confirmed on Wednesday that he received a positive test on May 20 and went into self-isolation. Mr. Lewis said that every lawmaker or staff member he had been in contact with who “met the criteria for exposure” was notified.

  • Ms Taylor 2 years ago

    Hilary Clinton is not a good person in any way shape or form.

  • Nj Osborne 2 years ago

    Ron Paul is definitely caring water for Putin!

  • Mary Ann Mikus 2 years ago

    God bless Senator Corey Booker!!!! I had a similar conversation with my son, who is Guatemalan, when he was a twelve year boy laying with toy guns in the corner park, just like Tamara Rice, after the Tamara Rice killing,who was another person of color, playing with a toy gun, shot merciless by police

  • barbara chumparty plummer smith 2 years ago

    **pursed lips to the side** Colbert LOVES a Endicott

  • Craven the Brave 2 years ago

    Thanks Mr. Booker. I feel the same, that we have been advocating for decades, and we find ourselves here. it is disappointing to say the least. your tears are shared and appreciated. These are tough times. Thanks for holding the light.


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