Sen. Cory Booker on His Beef with Fred Savage, Comic-Con and Going Viral



  • Seekarr 3 years ago

    Cory Booker is on my “Candidates I wanna have a beer with” list. He reminds me of one of my best friends both in personality and the shaved head.

  • Kerri-Jo Patterson 3 years ago

    Cory is entertaining

  • prometheus660 3 years ago

    I don’t like the casual mention of his football career or the name drop of Leonard Nimoy’s widow. That was de-classey. Also, being offended by someone giving you a pair of sunglasses because it might be a metaphor for shade is such a weird reaction.

    Maybe I’m being overly critical because I don’t really like Mr. Booker that much. I’m willing to admit that possibility.



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