Sen. Cory Booker – Criminal Justice Reform & The Farm Bill | The Daily Show

Published on April 3, 2023

Sen. Cory Booker chats about the implications of Donald Trump’s indictment, his continued focus on reforming America’s criminal justice system, and the reason it’s easier to afford fast food over nutritious produce and how he plans to change that. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • ohotnitza 1 year ago

    We give T too much credit. He isn’t smart enough to disrupt our government. His handlers are the ones with the plan. We need to figure out who those people are.

  • Chyanne Hainstock 1 year ago

    I appreciate the late night shows having politicians on, but most of them seem out of touch with the actual lived experience of the people they make laws for.

  • Ohnmar Win 1 year ago

    Why he on the show

  • sly wright 1 year ago

    Roy knocking it out of the park !!!

  • Tamu Good 1 year ago

    Love me some Senator Booker!

  • Ted Louis Levy 1 year ago

    Jersey in the how. Smart house. Informative house. Fun experience. Yeah Man. Hold on to that desk. YOU GOT THIS.

  • DOC RAINEY III 1 year ago

    Cory rocks, correct America?

  • Laura Allen 1 year ago

    Cory Booker for President!!

  • ArrPeeGeefan 1 year ago

    Why is media saying Roy is a guest host? Make this man the next full host!!! He’s funny, he’s thoughtful, he’s fair, he’s balanced, he’s extremely intelligent, and he has charm and class – he’s perfect!

    I love this maaaan!

  • EarthKnight 1 year ago

    I’d be happy with Roy taking over the Daily Show main seat.

  • James Brophy 1 year ago

    Was all this “speed dating” host thing just to prove that Roy was the host that we needed all along? He’s the only one to be utterly comfortable pivoting from broad comedy to really clever insightful questions about real progress that can make a difrence in peoples lives.

  • Creatrix 1 year ago

    Yes! Roy Wood, Jr. should be the new host!

  • Lunar jedi 1 year ago

    Roy for the job

  • Derek Vargas Campos 1 year ago

    Jordan Klepper should guest host too

  • Bronco4life777 1 year ago

    Great stuff Roy! Nice balance between the serious and the comical


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