Sen. Brian Schatz | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on April 14, 2018

Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) joins Bill to discuss the US strike on Syria and the tech industry’s use of consumer data.

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  • Denam 12 months ago

    Brian did what?!

  • Venice Beach Sports Network 12 months ago

    The problem is Democrats still talk like politicians and that ship has sailed

  • Rapacious Interloper 12 months ago

    The democrats still haven’t learned that their base is largely anti-war. We need to GTFO of the7 countries that we are currently having wars with. BRING THE BOYS BACK HOME!

  • Moses King 12 months ago

    Thank goodness Trump is dropping bombs on the shithole of the Middle East. It’s past time we crush them into oblivion. Muslims are a threat to the entire 21st century. Just look at the statistics. We need to hit them hard and bring back the muslim ban. KEEP THEM OUT!!

  • TheTrumpTower! 12 months ago

    Listen to this Jew tell us we need to take in refugees of wars that the US fought for Israel. How many refugees is Israel taking in? The US will double it.

  • zeus star 12 months ago

    More innocents will die in Syria because of war

  • Cosmo Joe 12 months ago

    I knew he was going to wag the dog.It kinda worked for now.Problem is if he thinks this is his way forward with bolton on team

  • You Are Wrong 12 months ago

    “Because they don’t look like us.” Bro, Syrians mostly do “look like us.” Looks are not the basis of the many cultural differences.

    Also, lol at “law and order.” I’ve got a bridge to sell you. The last time a government employee followed the law known as the Constitution wasn’t even in the last century.

  • SOPHIA 12 months ago

    No more jews in power

  • Bob Sax 12 months ago

    I wish Bill Maher would get over the Russian thing. And I hope we do not go to war in Syria. It would be nice if he mentioned how there is no proof of a gas attack. Bill you just seem obsessed with Russia.

  • Peter Mogensen 12 months ago

    I can promise you… tech companies which doesn’t earn their money by selling your information DO ACTUALLY voluntarily put them selves in the shoes of the customers all the time.
    Remember … developers and engineers are users too. They know when they spot a privacy leak and they have no interest in making insecure products. … Making products you would never ever use your self is no fun and nobody wants to be woken up in the middle of the night to fix stuff once it hits the headlines.

  • Taktwo2 12 months ago

    “I’m okay with a few days of bombings, but after he better come and ask!”
    What a man of conviction.

  • LAGUNABOY 12 months ago

    What a voice. Thank you!

  • ___ 12 months ago


  • blahblah bloooi 12 months ago

    what kind of Syrians did he see? they look whiter than most of the white people

  • Batmanacci 12 months ago

    Let more Syrian immigrants in hahaha! Please Democrats keep this up….We’re going to win by a landslide in 2020!!

  • Michael Woodard 12 months ago

    Haul the Mercers in front of that committee for a thorough grilling. If Zuckerberg et al can do this why can’t these sociopathic right wing oligarchs.

  • Deicide 12 months ago

    the attacks are bullshit, staged by the phoney “white helmets”. no evidence that this ever happened. sure import a people that don’t share the same values, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Nichole Grizzle 12 months ago

    I like what Bill said. Treason should be an issue for all Americans. Republicans & democrats should be held accountable.

  • lugano1999 12 months ago

    An unimpressive centrist Democrat who clearly has not understood the most important lessons of the 2016 election.

    Americans want something and someone to vote for. Bernie offered that. Unfortunately the DNC wanted the weaker candidate who was beaten by a candidate who did stand for something. Unfortunately the electorate fell for what the psychopathic con man was offering.


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