Sen. Bernie Sanders Wants To Make Sure Every American Can Receive A Covid-19 Vaccine For Free

Published on August 20, 2020

Senator Bernie Sanders wants to make sure no one in this country has to pay for a Covid-19 vaccine since American taxpayer money is funding the research by the pharmaceutical companies. #BernieSanders #LateShowLIVE #DNC

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  • ArtSeallion 2 years ago

    Why would you cut him off!!! That was such an important message

  • Nati Amos 2 years ago

    WE CANT HAVE GOOD THINGS… MY dream ticket would have been Sanders/Abrams:) dude if thar happened I’d feel like ok we got our country back… but nooo… ppl always vote against their own interest and it boggles the mind.

  • Sam Varz 2 years ago

    Take It Easy on the blush dear Bernie

  • connie yew 2 years ago

    Thumbvirus wants to stay in power in order to abuse it so it is what it is.. Cheat or lie …

  • Christian Haimet 2 years ago

    Again glad to see Sanders not pulling his punches anymore. And its not a fringe leftist view to be worried about US big pharma price gouging a vaccine to Corona. The world has expressed public concern already several times. The EU, the UK, the WHO, saying roughly, ‘you can charge your own ppl exorbitant amounts, but dont even think about charging the rest of us those prices.’ This has already happened with AIDS where the US pharma industry was forced to sell their medication at reasonable prices outside the US to address pandemic levels of AIDS in Brazil, Africa and european cities but requested the right to continue charging like 10x times that in the US.

  • Richard Rejmer 2 years ago

    I aman outside observer (I’m Australian)
    I am 100% SURE that Trump will rig/ steal/ smash the election or it’s results and make himself dictator. .
    I am not even ‘slightly’ joking here. . I *TRULY* believe there will be a NEW DICTATORSHIP in the world, come 2021 and the USA, as everyone in the world knows it, will be utterly and forever DESTROYED. .
    Yes. . I wholeheartedly believe that the USA . . as a beacon of right, freedom, democracy and decency will be FOREVER destroyed in 2021 by Trump and his GOP enablers.
    Come back to me in December 2021 and tell me I was wrong and full of shit. . I would be happy to hear it. .

  • shawolmblft 2 years ago

    i’d like bernie’s interviews with stephen to just be the whole episode

  • Insane Troll 2 years ago

    2:55 – When you throw haymakers at Big Farmer they just use them to make hay.

  • Reda Cherkaoui 2 years ago

    Sanders is weird.

  • Andrew Starling 2 years ago

    “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of
    their appointed rounds.”
    (The Postal Service shall have as its basic function the obligation to provide postal services to bind the
    Nation together through the personal, educational, literary, and business correspondence of the
    people. It shall provide prompt, reliable, and efficient services to patrons in all areas and shall render
    postal services to all communities. )
    Every US Postal service person in America are the foundation of Democracy, if the Republican Party want to dismantle The US Postal Service? EVERY US Postal Service implore should RISE UP and protect it with where life with GUN IN HAND, Protect this GREAT AND VERY IMPORTANT INSTITUTION, to save Democracy.

  • randall2020 2 years ago

    Once upon a time Stephen had progressive views. That was long ago.

  • Toothless 2 years ago

    Bernie from a Kiwi from NZ, Sir Massive amount of respect to you for your long hard fight for the American people.

  • Stephen Chelli 2 years ago

    Bernie is a hero

  • BETTY TAYLOR 2 years ago

    Barlett and Steele, the two Pulitzer prize winning journalists asked 10-15 years ago, what it would take for Americans to get in the streets with pitchforks. If Trump’s refusing to leave the White House isn’t it or the destroying of the Postal service isn’t it, then there is no hope for the USA. It’s been said that Americans get the government they deserve. Sad but true.

  • Jean-Patrick Meunier 2 years ago

    Fascinating to see AMERICAN colossus crumble and stumble down. History in the making. 2020 the year the giant died.

  • Ali Garoon 2 years ago

    Bernie Sanders is the most honest politician i have ever seen,he doesn’t change his ideology no matter what and that is a good example of a leader.

  • TheVoice010 2 years ago

    It’s SO ANNOYING that Bernie, who was pushed out by the DNC, has to promote Biden, when CLEARLY Bernie is the better Presidential Candidate! Articulate, For the People, and unafraid to Call people out on there Lies!

  • kerryn67 2 years ago

    Love you Bernie!

  • Hub Bone 2 years ago

    USA tax payers monies spent on updating more nuclear bombs weapons etc & other wasted tax payers monies, FREE Vaccine takes precedence as a war on this damned covid19 etc

  • Sea Jay 2 years ago

    Biden/Harris are totally unacceptable. We will be voting for for others.


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