Sen. Bernie Sanders Talks COVID-19, Medicare for All and Coronavirus Stimulus

Published on March 31, 2020

Senator Bernie Sanders talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected his campaign, the Coronavirus Stimulus Package and the strained American health care system. 

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  • Allan Scott 2 months ago

    All I hear from Bernie is the voice of common decency. It truly saddens me hearing the crackpots trying relentlessly to demonise him. I live in Scotland and I’d say his political opinions would be pretty mainstream here. Normal folk don’t want to live in a dog-eat-dog world where only the richest survive. What on earth is to object to in saying that decent healthcare should be a basic right?

  • Aja 2 months ago

    I’ve been a Bernie supporter for years now. He speaks truth to power when so many others are afraid to. I love Seth Meyers for the same reason.

  • İlker Eryılmaz 2 months ago

    Shame that this guy will never get anywhere near close the presidency… Biden will be the democratic candidate and “Orange-man” will mop the floor with him in the actual elections!

  • Conclave luminis 2 months ago

    Biden is cognitively deficient puppet. We have a real opportunity to change the world for the better with Bernie and if the democratic party prefers to keep their own pockets lined by nominating Biden, I will vote Trump to give them another 4 years of disaster to think about the lesson they obviously haven’t learnt from 2016

  • The Whizkid 2 months ago


  • Stu Pidas 2 months ago

    All first world countries have universal health care except for the US. Yet out of all these countries only one thinks it is bad to have and it’s the one that doesn’t have it. If their was a vote in these countries with universal health care on whether they would want to switch to the US model or keep their existing, and every single person wanting to switch showed up to vote, the “keep their existing” side would only need to send ten people to the polls and they would still win in a landslide. Not only do people in these countries prefer the universal health care system model they cherish it and it is a point of national pride. Why Americans are so afraid of it with dozens of countries that do have it being damn glad they do, makes absolutely no sense. If it was completely novel and untried, i could understand. But it isn’t folks, it is tried and shown to be better by every metric measurable. The health outcomes across the board are superior, life span is increased, not a single person needs to decide to see a doctor or have a test based on financial considerations, and when a terrible accident or disease affects you, a family member, a friend, or even a perfect stranger you’ll be assured that you or they will not go bankrupt or be in financial ruin for years. It truly baffles the mind.

  • tenacious645 2 months ago

    Yup THIS is the guy we passed up for Joe Biden. It’s fucking disgusting…I’m tired of this country pretending like it takes care of its people. It doesn’t. It takes care of its wealthy. The majority of the working class are fucking struggling.

  • jirka k 2 months ago

    I feel sorry for the Americans that will suffer the consequences of the other people voting the GOP and Trump. If only those who caused this would pay for it 🙁

  • Louise Daniels 2 months ago

    Bernie 2020! He’s already behaving like our president. ❤️🐦 Thank you for this!

  • Nadya 2 months ago

    It’s like reality is giving your country an incredibly horrible object lesson to prove that Bernie is the president you need. I really really hope you stay safe and get the financial help you need so that it’s possible to quarantine yourselves.

  • Ichithix 2 months ago

    I wonder what all those primary voters that backed Biden are thinking now.

  • Stbs Abs 2 months ago

    This is what happens on a planet that cares only about profit without real democracy. Not a matter of right or left. If there was real democracy people would have selected for universal health care to exist everywhere and governments would have been more ready and able to face this crisis. If there was democracy people in China would have selected that dangerous animals with virus were not being sold for food. If there was real democracy there would not be tax havens and governments around the world would not owe 80 trillion to private institutions/entities. If there was real democracy people would have selected that guns in the US were not being sold to the public. If there was real democracy people would have selected to assist with housing in the US and the 2008 crisis would not have happened, on the contrary economy would be very strong. If there was real democracy people would have selected to invest money to protect the environment. Free economy, democracy and taxes is a fine system that brought along freedoms and human rights etc. The problem is that the two last parts democracy and taxes are not working properly. We are not talking about extreme taxing, but logical/fair (instead of none in many cases) would be enough.

  • Maui Mami 2 months ago

    Hey Bernie!! Thanks for sticking up for the American people against Graham and the other numb skulls during the stimulus package bill, who do not seem to care what the hell happens to us.

  • Marijuana Saves Lives 2 months ago

    Medicare For All means a better life for me and everyone I know.

  • TheQueridad 2 months ago

    * stands up and claps hands*

  • Ahmed Salah 2 months ago

    Again, I can’t believe he is losing.

  • bxxx9 2 months ago

    “Are you being sarcastic to fight back a furious rage?”


  • Zagase 2 months ago

    This is your best option America, listen to the essence of what he’s saying, compare him to Biden and Trump… this is your guy. Wish we had these kind of politicians in my country 😔

  • Lynwen10 2 months ago

    I will never understand how America does not embrace universal health care for all. How can they approve of for profit health insurance? How can they think health care should be only available based on the ability to pay? America can never be “the greatest country in the world” as long as they continue with this cruel system. Bravo Bernie Sanders for what you say and believe. I wish the Democratic Party and the American people would be brave enough to get you elected President.

  • King Ugly 2 months ago

    Biden is currently leading In sexual assault allegations #voterapistnomatterwho


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