Sen. Bernie Sanders Talks About the 2020 Race and Vice President Joe Biden

Published on March 31, 2020

Senator Bernie Sanders talks about why he’s remaining in the 2020 race, campaigning digitally during the COVID-19 pandemic and his intent to support Joe Biden if he wins the nomination.

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  • Taco Thunder 2 months ago

    only 300 delegate difference? mainstream media makes it sound like Biden is already unbeatable. Between now and November, and Biden’s dementia worsening a lot can happen. Bernie can still win this! And covid-19 keeps showing how much we need Bernie’s policies.

  • 4BetaMale2 2 months ago

    You know it’s great because when tRUMP wins for the second time the DNC will sit there and blame everybody but them own God f****** damn selves.
    And you will wonder why people have giving up on the DemocRATic party…
    If you can’t figure it out I’m not going to help you.

  • Last Guy Minn 2 months ago

    To those who have not voted yet: Joe Biden is a disaster; he is entering the MIDDLE stages of dementia and will not be able to effectively debate Trump, let alone govern in a time of extreme crisis. Bernie is sharp as a tack and represents the policies that this country (and planet) needs to beat both COVID-19 and climate change. Get out and vote for Bernie, he’s our last best hope!

  • U HU 2 months ago

    Biden has trouble even keeping his eyes open in all of his videos and interviews. He needs to bow out and let Bernie take care of the rest.

  • MrJustbrowsing12345 2 months ago

    Coronavirus is the best thing for Bernie’s campaign. The old die off quicker giving the younger bernie voters a larger proportion of the vote. #gobernie

  • Lucille Bruce 2 months ago

    We don’t need to suspend elections, we need to be able to vote online. If we can bank online safely and securely, pay our taxes online, we should be able to vote online! Don’t let Trump declare martial law and suspend voting, and declare himself emperor. Bernie 2020!!!

  • King Ugly 2 months ago

    Dems have been desperate to get Cuomo to run because Joe is falling apart. Thankfully Cuomo wants nothing to do with it, so Bernie is going to keep on gaining serious traction. #BelieveAnita #BelieveTara #Bernie2020

  • Kath Casey 2 months ago

    Why was this parsed off the other 4 minutes of interview? Needed that sound bite? Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden is going to flood the MSM airwaves tomorrow… just watch! I’m saddened by this.

  • maddisonk88 2 months ago

    to Seth’s team: can you get him to throw some blankets on the ground in his office or bring a rug in from another room? The echo is very distracting and its probably because the room is underfurnished.

  • Marijuana Saves Lives 2 months ago

    Everyone lives longer with Medicare For All.

  • Pura Vida 2 months ago

    Please STAY in this fight sir! We need you!

  • Yao Song 2 months ago

    Defeating Trump is not a victory! The only moment you can talk about victory is if we defeat the system that Trump is riding, the fascist system that is eroding this planet and every living being on it, a system so evil, sinister and dark that it’s literally hiding in plain sight. This is a war between the working class and the 1%, and the 1% is winning if Biden gets nominated, in fact nothing will change if Biden becomes president, absolutely nothing!

  • MisterMAKiste OOHeaven 2 months ago

    Bernie is an incontestable figure in US politics. If he is not the democratic nominee, he alone has the key for who will be the next POTUS. Also, he is smart enough to know that Trump is way less dangerous than corporate puppet Joe meaning that his last answer is to be understood in the opposite sense.

  • SoItGoes 2 months ago

    Seth it’s below you to ask those drop out questions.

  • Ugo Ekwegh 2 months ago

    Bernie sanders should STOP saying that he will support Biden to win the presidency

    The man is obviously demented

  • JakesOnline 2 months ago

    Somehow NBC figured out how to make Bernie’s video feed look bad. It’s dark and compressed horizontally. Go look at Bernie’s channel, same setup looks fine.

  • Sri Charan 2 months ago

    I think Bernie will be President of the United States. One thing because obviously, he’s a fighter. Secondly, I don’t think America had a candidate who is not giving up and fighting for people just to address these issues that America has now. This Period showed why Bernie is necessary.
    Commenting here won’t help, Go ahead and vote when it’s time.

  • Marilyn Garry 2 months ago

    What a great man!

  • John W 2 months ago

    I would rather suspect that tRump will remain pResident in the WH if he is up against Biden at the election – even if it is a delayed election due to the total mis-handling of COVID19 in the USA.

  • Secret Sauce 2 months ago

    I hope Bernie is being really safe with this disease


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