Sen. Bernie Sanders on the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Missteps, Greed, Grandkids

Published on March 11, 2020

Senator Bernie Sanders speaks on President Trump’s mistakes handling the coronavirus pandemic, what he thinks the current administration should do to combat the illness and how his grandkids influence his politics.

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  • Rachel Auchincloss 3 years ago

    So honored to vote for bernie a second time.

  • Karen Nyere 3 years ago

    There’s a lot of voter suppression going on. Closed voting sites, broken machines, hours long lines.

  • Choam Nomsky 3 years ago

    I just can’t believe that people are choosing Biden over Bernie in the numbers that they are. It’s really unbelievable. How do we know the voting machines are reliable? How do we know the DNC isn’t pulling some kind of shenanigans? We know they colluded with Hillary from the beginning in 2016. How can we trust them to run our elections fairly?
    I donated as much as I could in 2016 and then it turned out, he never had a chance from the beginning. We deserve so much better than what the political establishment has been forcing on us for decades.

  • Rainbow Sparkle 3 years ago

    Bernie needs to be declared winner right now

  • Dana Davis 3 years ago

    It scares the holy snot out of me that trump is our president. This crazy virus deserves true fight, not just say ,”it will go away”. Crazy. Crazy.

  • TMercan31 3 years ago

    What about this – if Bernie wins the nomination, he has Biden as VP and if Biden wins, Bernie is VP? Wouldn’t that be a win-win all the way around?

    I’m asking for real…….

  • Kinderly Blue 3 years ago

    I don’t like the how the media and the DNC is discouraging progressives to vote for Biden instead of Bernie; when at one point Hilary was leading in delegates and Obama was trailing but then Obama was able to pull through and be the nominee and then eventually became president. Remember there has only been 15 out of 50 states that have voted. Don’t give up on Bernard Sanders! Vote #Bernie2020!

  • Kim Ashley 3 years ago

    So painful watching this, Bernie. Everyday since Super Tuesday I think of what is lost with a man like you as president; goodbye to the hope of income inequality; goodbye to expansion of social security and relief for seniors; goodbye to relief to our young and burdensome student loans; goodbye to serious efforts to mitigate climate change. Goodbye to the hope of having a honest decent man who is truly for the people. Too many goodbyes. BERNIE PLEASE START A THIRD PARTY–you don’t have to run in it–just help us form it. PLEASE!

  • FortheLuIz 3 years ago

    “Have the government pay” = taxpayers

  • Kelli Votel 3 years ago

    I’m voting for Bernie even if I have to write his name down. ‘Bernie Sanders. Hello Somebody!’

  • Xander Lowe 3 years ago


    Fallon: Cool Grandpa is talking! Cool Grandpa is talking! I missed you so much since last time you visited.

  • ariana grande 3 years ago


  • J4den King 3 years ago

    Holy crap, I have trouble listening to this guy. He is a socialist, guess what, SOCIALISM DOESN’T WORK!!!! Basic economics and mathematics. You try to find balance you will just eliminate the middle class. Yay! Everybody gets to be impoverished, and people like Bernie get the millions. America is what you make it, you can work hard and get to the top, or you can do nothing and fall to the bottom. It’s your choice and you can’t blame anyone else for it. In a socialist country what happens is, you can work your ass off on a hard job, and get paid the same amount of money as the janitor gets paid. Eventually no one will be doing the big jobs because they have no incentive to. Think it through! Nothing is truly free, especially not the freedom this country has right now. TRUMP 2020!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Chilltownify 3 years ago


  • Come_on_aileeen 3 years ago

    The more people watch this, the more people and more people (lol get it?) will want him for president 🔥

  • Product Probes 3 years ago

    If it’s not Bernie then I’m for Trump… Fuck it

  • Phrank 3 years ago

    Crazy Bernie can’t even beat Sleepy Joe

  • Payton 3 years ago

    A true leader

  • Guy Named Joey 3 years ago

    Trump doesn’t know anything about climate change?!?! Bernie 90% of global emissions is China. We’re 8th in the world. And even middle class people may not show symptoms and not know. Libtards I stg

  • Maria Casella 3 years ago



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