Sen. Bernie Sanders on His Latest Meme, The Inflation Reduction Act and Midterms

Published on September 27, 2022

Senator Bernie Sanders talks about the limits of the Inflation Reduction Act, the stark contrast between rising consumer prices and rising corporate profits and student loan forgiveness.

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  • Leah D 6 months ago

    Sanders for president!

  • EvanLovesWhiskey 6 months ago

    If dems want to win make him VP

  • Erin Cress 6 months ago

    Bernie is the best 🐦

  • Lynda O 6 months ago

    Bernie is the only one.

  • The Great 1 6 months ago

    Abolish the electoral college.

  • Gabrielle G. 6 months ago

    One of the very few politicians that’s a decent human being. He’s the literal opposite of a flip flopper! Been saying the same thing since the 60’s!

  • Professor Sprout 6 months ago

    Thx Bernie keep the faith. I live on $1,200 mo in CA and my glasses cost 300 and are not the rt prescription the is my 2nd pair bought online to be cheaper. I am driving 1.5 hours today and getting a hotel in the nearest big city San Francisco because I need dental surgery. No dentists avail that take my coverage in my county. We are both the poorest industrialized country and the richest for somebody.BTW you know the 2 votes we did not get is Kristin Sinema and Joe Manchin. Don’t care if I write her name correctly she is a political operative for the GOP.

  • chris virginia 6 months ago

    Bernie is Main Street’s champion.

  • corona phone 6 months ago

    Isn’t the world on fire?
    Aren’t the end times being introduced?
    Aren’t we told by all the people on YouTube/ Government/ wealthy people
    That this time is different…
    Most certainly looks like it after some proper investigation on multiple grounds and topics.

    Climate change, COVID-19, War (with the communists…), Extreme corruption, satanism, illuminati (which is very real), lost of democracy (If it ever was a democracy) second decade after Social Media has transformed LIFE as we knew it.

    No more marriages, failing marriages, no more house buying, fewer and fewer new borns.

    This time is different.

  • Marko Pecinovic 6 months ago

    US needs a revolution. Remove the corruption so imbedded …everywhere in the US. It is ridiculous. It’s not normal anymore, we can see despite them trying their hardest to dichotomize every and any subject worth of discussion to oblivion.

    They want us all separated into two groups, each opposing the other, leading to a cultural stalemate, while they rob us blind, and use your collective wealth to better themselves.

    How does Nanci Pelosi earn 100’s of millions of $ while being a politician? How does Ted Cruz, Steve Bannon, and Trump get away with fraud?

  • Alf Calzon 6 months ago

    👍 BERNIE 👍


  • Dilena King 6 months ago

    I can’t stand Bernie.

  • Dilena King 6 months ago

    #Biden2024 !!!

  • Neil Truick 6 months ago

    Back in the early ’90s, I attended community college in California for two years in pursuit of a psychology degree. Each semester, the base tuition was $50 for 12 or more units. Last fall, during the lockdown, I considered enrolling in an English class at the same community college I went to 30 years ago. That one class–totally online, the only book required is a paperback novel you could get on Amazon for $13–would have cost me $420 as a _returning_ student. That does not make sense…

  • Naomi Lu 6 months ago

    I sure wish they hadn’t snookered you out of the presidency, Bernie. What were they thinking? Do they really think we’re better off now than we were in 2016? I just can’t believe you’ve been kept from being our voice in the world. What you propose would save the world.

  • E G 6 months ago

    Greedy Bastards!

  • Kimberly Accurso 6 months ago

    What a nice country we would have by taking some of the burden off the lower & middle class… Make billionaire ‘s & large corporations pay Taxes …

  • Carrie See 6 months ago

    Love Bernie!❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️

  • BattleBeard 6 months ago

    Bernie is going to maintain his health and mental acuity into his 90’s and we’ll be kicking ourselves for saying he was too old for office in 2016.

  • eastunder55 6 months ago

    I hope that John Fetterman picks up Bernie’s mantle when Bernie finally hangs up his spurs.


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