Sen. Bernie Sanders Is Doing Everything to Prevent Trump’s Reelection

Published on June 17, 2020

Senator Bernie Sanders addresses billionaires adding to their wealth while others are living paycheck to paycheck in the United States and shares why he wants Joe Biden to be elected as president.

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  • ConTroller 3 months ago

    Covid 19 as Donald Trump’s answer to pre existing Medical conditions objection to Obama care? Just let them die? Omg

  • DaKermitFrog 3 months ago

    A little too late, shouldn’t have dropped out. And he disappeared when we needed him most. He’s like the avatar. Eek.

  • Thror251 3 months ago

    Sadly Bernie Bros still won’t vote for Biden, even if Bernie tells them to.

  • Nicole 3 months ago

    Bernie I’ve missed you so much 😭


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