Sen. Bernie Sanders Details His Climate Change Legislation

Published on September 27, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says that he has advanced the most comprehensive legislation to deal with climate change that our Congress has ever considered. #Colbert #BernieSanders #Interviews

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  • Choo Choo MotherTrucker 2 years ago

    I would vote for Bernie over Biden in a heart beat. I hope he wins the primary.

  • Hasman323 2 years ago

    I love Bernie, but Andrew yang for president!!!!

  • NirvanaFan5000 2 years ago

    hell yeah, bernie 2020

  • Whoa Vids 2 years ago

    I’m with Bernie or Warren. But whoever wins should elect 1 another for Vice President. I truly think they can change this country for the best and they don’t bullshitwhen it comes to corruption.

  • Angela Gonzales 2 years ago

    he is 80?!!!!!! wow

  • John Wood 2 years ago

    Bernie!!! ? ? ? ? This country and the planet need someone like him in charge. Really! Make the change America, and become a responsible leader ????

  • John Wood 2 years ago

    I have to say again…. Bernie!!! ??????????

  • Robert Owen 2 years ago

    Bernie is a good man, but as a Democrat…he cannot pay 4 any of these plans. We need true leadership and fresh ideas. Young leadership is needed.

  • Environment Servant 2 years ago

    Warren is NOT Bernie !
    She endorsed Hillary over Bernie in 2016
    She voted for Trumps crazy military budget increase
    She endorsed Ben Carson for the Head of Urban Development…..I mean seriously ?!
    BERNIE 2020 !!!

  • Bob saget 2 years ago

    His people need to work on his laugh

  • Stevie Lampaert 2 years ago

    what a great man Bernie <3
    how can you not love him?

  • crazytaru 2 years ago

    Stephen: How do you and Senator Warren differ?

    Bernie: Warren’s platform without any of the exact plans she has.

  • Charles Egerton Cameron 2 years ago

    warren sanders / sanders warren, however they want to do it 2020

  • Space Jockey 2 years ago

    I’m going to vote for the person with the best policies to address the problems we face as a nation. For the person who’ll restore integrity to the office, and lay the foundations for our shared future prosperity. For the person who will end the wars so we can begin the fight for our climate and environment. For the candidate who’ll stand up for the powerless and reform the system that renders them such. Who will raise the minimum wage and provide REAL Medicare for ALL, who will invest in education, affordable housing and good paying jobs to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. I’m going to vote for hope instead of fear, for the future instead of the past.
    I’m voting for Bernie Sanders.

  • Gloria Evelis 2 years ago

    Vote for Bernie and bring America into 21th century. As a European, it is no longer funny to watch how backwards America is on social issues.

  • Robert Wright 2 years ago

    Biden is a nice guy, but Sanders is a great man.

  • Bame Masake 2 years ago

    Im African (Botswana) and Bernie Sanders is the president we need, in fact he’s the type of leader any country needs.

  • James Meoli 2 years ago


  • MBF 2 years ago

    Man I pray if bernie wins that GOD would grant him the years to complete 2 full terms

  • Chrisell Navarrete 2 years ago

    Love seeing all the supportive comments for Bernie! #BERNIE2020


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