Sen. Bernie Sanders Breaks Down Why the U.S.’s Healthcare System Is So Dysfunctional

Published on February 6, 2024

Senator Bernie Sanders talks about his audiobook It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism scoring a Grammy nomination, the United States’ dysfunctional healthcare system and the out-of-the-ordinary labor hearing he presided over.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • @MetalRush666 2 months ago

    The only politician that has had the same message for over forty years.

  • @vitorloki5792 2 months ago

    Bernie is the only real serious politician in the U.S.A. .. he really should be president :))

  • @katmeowgarcia7189 2 months ago

    Love Bernie!!!!💖💜🫶🏽

  • @mokataospinal 2 months ago

    Why why these pharmaceutical companies charged us more? I went to South America for a trip and ended up needing a gout medicine and almost die of surprise when I just pay $10 dollars for 40 pills and here they charged me $120 !!! Same brand, and there were multiple options from well known pharmaceuticals with the same price. It is insane!!!

  • @alumpyhorse 2 months ago

    algorithm 💙

  • @cbuffalino 2 months ago

    Is Bernie Sanders the political Larry David?

  • @HoofInDenver 2 months ago

    Man, I love you, Bernie! This man is really looking out for Americans.

  • @valklingfriendofallthings5317 2 months ago

    I thought Larry David was on last week. 🤔

  • @anahata2009 2 months ago

    It might be that one factor in costs is that we’re paying for their advertising—those other countries don’t have drug ads on television. Here, it seems every other commercial is for a pharmaceutical company. Prescription drugs shouldn’t be allowed to advertise.
    It’s just one factor, though. Greed is probably the main factor.

  • @SANITIZEDINC 2 months ago

    What could have been. What should have been.

    We love you, Tio Bernie!

  • @gahd 2 months ago

    If the DNC Wassermen-Schultz and Hillary didn’t rig primaries, Sanders would’ve been president….

  • @rositasultana3958 2 months ago

    Tell them, dear angry uncle Bernie! It’s okay to be angry when you’re part of the 99% of the robbed.

  • @smthone 2 months ago

    Americans sadly routinely vote against their best interests. It’s fascinating to see.

  • @generaljellyroll8737 2 months ago

    The profit motive should be nowhere near our healthcare.
    You can keep going with how money corrupts our institutions

  • @vampirelogan 2 months ago

    He makes so much sense, I can’t understand why he was not put forward to be president. I guess it is hard to get consensus on sense? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Americans, you missed your chance for getting him as president and getting some real change for the most amount of people who need it. Crazy!

  • @huangjun_art 2 months ago

    The one that got away.

  • @MVbailegardens 2 months ago

    “Stop the bloody greed” go Bernie!

  • @mcm3a812 2 months ago

    America needs more public servants like Bernie Sanders.

  • @gratefuljackal8183 2 months ago

    Thanks Seth for having Bernie on periodically. Haven’t seen Elizabeth Warren on your show in a while.

  • @chriskelly6559 2 months ago

    “Preventative Maintenance” for the human machine would save billions. Unfortunately, in this country, too many people have to choose between their health or feeding the kids or paying the rent or getting a monthly bus pass or……………


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