Sen. Amy Klobuchar: “Get Mad and Vote. We Have to Do Both.” | The Daily Show

Published on May 5, 2022

“What we didn’t realize when they said ‘the 50s,’ it was the 1850s.” Senator Amy Klobuchar describes the potential devastating consequences of the Supreme Court’s leaked reversal of Roe v. Wade and lays out the next steps Congress should take to protect women’s right to choose. #DailyShow



  • shermanballz 2 years ago

    What they said is that it is settled law, and you don’t overturn settled law lightly.

    They said that because they knew they WOULR overturn it, and could at that point say, “As I’ve said before, this isn’t something I take lightly. I am only doing this because it’s SOOO important”

  • Cyberspace Visitor 2 years ago

    A nationwide vote on Roe vs Wade – female participants only – would tell you the glaringly obvious truth.

    Artificial people of faith/religious fanatics are to be given a wide berth.
    I’d rather go for a few pints with Jeffrey Dahmer than put my trust in the aforementioned group/s.

  • Think Beyond 2 years ago

    Don’t be fooled by this conversation. If either side cared so much about abortion they would be passing policies to reduce the reasons for abortion (same could be said about policing and other issues). About 75% of abortions are because “I can’t afford this”. Our government should be solving the economic issues which drive women to make this choice, which many don’t want to make but feel they have no other choice. Child tax credits, UBI, universal Healthcare, free or at least non-predatory educational cost all would make abortion rates plummet and our government is not pushing any of this.

  • Dump Coons 2 years ago

    F Klobuchar

  • Cheri Finkbiner 2 years ago

    Stand up for Woman’s right. This is 2022 not 1845!!!

  • Alex Das Liebe 2 years ago

    Americans voted in historic amounts. Senate Parliamentarian.

  • Kampot Web Solutions 2 years ago

    Of course, you can’t trust religious zealots and cult members. They are nice when in the minority but as soon as they have the power to make decisions, they will impose laws based on their delusional ideas. The question is, what to do about these people who lied under oath during their senate hearings? And what else did Brett K. lie about during the senate hearings? Marie Blasie Ford comes to mind.

  • SKS 2 years ago

    The US is now turning into a third world county and it won’t stop with abortion. The Republicans love taking our money, letting the filthy rich keep theirs, and thus keep the middle class shrinking even more. Now they want to take our freedoms too and take us back into the dark ages.

  • Justin Mathew 2 years ago

    red wave 2022

  • 1sttobylopez 2 years ago

    They leaked it out themselves this this is a strategic ploy to defuse America’s outrage before the court decision! what are we supposed to be fools? They want us to go through all through all the stages of grief before we just lie back and take it. If we fall for this now It will start a domino effect that will end with us being locked down and it will be generation before we can stand up again. They’ve always wanted a dictatorship And freedom for only those who are worthy. They know that we are Passive And afraid. The idea is to keep pushing us back and pushing us back until we bite Only then will they let us have one small Alleviation At which point we will assume it’s some great victory when in reality we Just got purged!

  • Emily W 2 years ago

    Voting is not going to save us. We did that! And here we are watching our reps kick rocks while our rights get taken away. It feels like a sick joke.

  • SC TAI 2 years ago

    If these judges lied during the hearing, I can’t trust the neutrality of US Supreme Court.
    Sen. Amy Klobuchar is great, like to see her run for the president one day.

  • Elizabeth Carol Keith 2 years ago

    VOTE All Blue Tickets! Every single election, local, state and Federal.


  • O Foghladha 2 years ago

    The Democrats are pathetic


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