Secretive, Speedy & Sketchy: The FBI Investigation Into Brett Kavanaugh | The Daily Show

Published on October 4, 2018

As the FBI’s secretive, limited five-day investigation into sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh comes to a close, the future of the Supreme Court lies in the hands of the three moderate Republican senators: Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Jeff Flake.



  • Darlene McCLain 2 years ago

    I liked the “Cocaine Mitch” comment. I dont care what people use recreationally, but Mitch is not any better than any other person. I wonder if he was investigated, what offshore accounts would they find, where he hides all the millions he makes from the “family business.” He’s a disgrace. I’m very disappointed a sex offender is sitting on the highest court in America. What have we become?

  • Mya Joseph 2 years ago

    Cocaine Mitch

  • Constantine 2 years ago

    Proving everyday that he should stick to anything but politics. Clearly over his head and dishonest. It was the DEMOCRATS that made the deal for the investigation. Many of them begged for ” just a week”. And just as predictable as tomorrow’s sunrise, if nothing was found, they were going to throw the FBI under the bus.
    Before the investigation; ” The FBI is the greatest law enforcement group in the world”. After the investigation: ” The FBI clearly doesn’t know what they are doing”. If you are a liberal and cannot see this for what it truly is, then you are either dishonest or you are an idiot. Some of you are both!

  • Forrest James 2 years ago

    Dude, he was a fuckin teenager! This is what happens when you wait 36 years to report an assault on a drunken teenage frat douche. But that is what happens when you get personal in politics.

    When are the Dems gonna learn?! These tactics didn’t stop Thomas, Trump, and now it won’t stop Brett, ya fuggin morons.

  • klaar nou 2 years ago

    What qualifies Trevor to comment on american politics?
    Does he even have US citizenship?

  • Peter Vesalius 2 years ago

    Jeff Flake is true to his name… Flaky as hell.

  • Symon Phoenix 2 years ago

    I want to try the donuts the FBI are eating. They must be amazing.

  • Dennis Singson 2 years ago

    FBI limited in scope full of lies

  • Nxtlevelshizz 2 years ago

    *Drinks a bear * he rape someone even though there is no proof

  • Gerard Kean 2 years ago

    medamn sounds like cheese

  • Eddie Fitzgerald 2 years ago

    this is shocking not a single shred of evidence against this man and yet everyone seems to be happy that he is guilty, simple because a woman accused him of something he did 30 years ago. You should be innocent till proven guilty otherwise you are in Hitler territory .

  • Luna Mora 2 years ago

    So this is the world I’m to inherent and my children and so forth . They use to joke about it, but it’s now here . Maybe the mayan calander prediction of 2012 wasn’t the end of the world but merely the start.

  • Ms. Pamala 2 years ago

    Brett Kavadrunk aint shit and the Supreme court is now a fucking joke like everything those crooked decrepit dinosaurs touch! Running a country wearing depends! Vote them out and Impeach Brett for lying during his fake ass hearing!

  • Suzanne Berry 2 years ago

    Why don’t we start calling him Bart Kegs.

  • L J 2 years ago

    Chief Justice Roberts has sent complaints of Kavanaughs fitness to the bench, to the 10th Circuit Court to be reviewed by Judge Timothy Tymovich. He was on Trumps short list (with Gorsuch), to you guessed it, the Supreme Court. Let’s see if Judge Tymovich recuses himself.

  • davidpar2 2 years ago

    Seven fbi investigations isn’t “speedy,” Trevor. Give it up.

  • NinjaOnANinja 2 years ago

    The way you can tell it was bull shit is because it is.
    They liked it. They don’t like anything that questions them, yet they loved it.
    They said it was “…the most comprehensive review of a supreme court nominee in history…” The thin about that is they like to make that claim with all their bull shit. “Best health care plan,” “best wall ever,” “most impactful president of all time.” The list goes on.

    Shut up, red neck trash can. Anyone with any brain power at all from either side would know it was bull shit and you are just too ignorant to admit it.

  • Kate 2 years ago

    What a shitshow

  • Buy More LootBoxes Gaming 2 years ago

    The gay joke…?

  • Frank L 2 years ago

    I think Russia rigged the whole thing.


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