Second Week of Impeachment Testimony Ends with More Damning Evidence: A Closer Look

Published on November 21, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at a week of impeachment hearings that have been nothing short of jaw-dropping.

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  • J Ramanathan 4 months ago

    when will they impeach the 45th????? Enough talk or investigation. Time US need to move on from this 45th.

  • Marc Troyanosky 4 months ago

    When did Hannity go all grey in hair? he aged like a president lol

  • gomez lido 4 months ago

    Knowing that impeachment will be crushed at the Senate, I do hope that the current administration and supporting politicians get voted out in 2020.

  • Tyler Barley 4 months ago

    fake news no quaismato cube

  • Jay JanyH 4 months ago

    Don’t fool yourself and believe that Republicans think that this is bribery. At the time of the July 25th call there were no funds going to Ukraine, because Trump had stopped them. It wasn’t until Sept 10th that Ukraine got the funds.

  • MobileDecay 4 months ago

    How could you come up with anything funnier than this horrific reality? All you have to do to make people laugh is replay videos of republicans defending Trump.

  • Fernando Carvalho 4 months ago


  • Chris Schelstraete 4 months ago

    I’ve heard people on the other line of phone calls all the time. Especially if they speak loud enough

  • Douwe Bloot 4 months ago

    Most of the republicans look away for the criminal behavior of their demon president. The criminal behavior of their elitist billionaire president they call fake news.

  • unitoolzee 4 months ago

    To no avail? No way in hell Trump wrote that tweet.

  • Edith 4 months ago

    Giuliano is the real world Mr Beans.

  • Krells 10 4 months ago

    Where’s Rudy at??
    Haven’t seen much of him lately.

  • Zen Jon 4 months ago

    trump doesn’t strike me as the type to use the phrase “quid pro quo” unprovoked. He’s probably used it in sexual harassment suits and that’s probably it before now

  • Audio Sage 4 months ago

    Please cover Eric Stalwell dropping the Lev Parnas connection on Devin Nunes tonight

  • GiGi Paints 4 months ago

    i found it weird Sondland said he didn’t know tRump very how did he know he was always in a bad mood in the mornings?? just impeach the POS.

  • Gregg Clarke-Lusk 4 months ago

    I’m totally sure the Democrats will move forward on impeachment and it will get passed in the house. But the main problem is the Senate. Trump has such a following in the Senate that the chances of being removed from office is very slim.
    The USA only real hope is a strong democratic leader that can win over swing states.
    At least going into an election year the Democrats showed that there not weak and are willing to stand for truth.
    (For all the haters that are going to post negative comments, just to tell you, I live in Canada and I’m conservative).

  • Jessica Lee 4 months ago

    Whenever I’m on a smart phone, people next to me can hear the call better than I can, because the stupid speaker on the phone faces out the other side (because there’s a screen in the way) facing me. MAYBE it’s hard to overhear a call on a landline handset, the kind that Trump’s apparently been listening in on all his life according to him, but it’s really easy to overhear a call on a cell.

    They’ll probably admit Holmes DID overhear the call, and try to charge him with espionage. Attacking the witnesses is all they have. I just wish the Democrats would broaden the scope of the impeachment hearing. There’s so much more, that’s so much worse than this one attempt at a shady deal with Ukraine. At least half a dozen Trump associates are already in jail, and three dozen or more have been indicted.

    I guess it’s like going after Al Capone’s taxes. It’s the small thing they can get him on.

    Not that it matters that much. They’ll impeach him, but the Republicans in the Senate will never vote to remove him from office. Never. If he went into the impeachment hearing with a gun and shot the witnesses, the Republicans would still support him.

  • Joseph Simpson 4 months ago

    3:12 Kind of a Grinch smile you got there, Seth.

  • Lilli Saario 4 months ago

    I’m not from the U.S. but I actively follow the investigation and Late Night videos concerning them. Not only for the comedy and the absurd being that is Trump, but also because the influence of this is far greater than just USA. I don’t know about the rest of the world but in many European countries, including my home country Finland, right wing and/or populist parties have gained more voters and political ground.

    Many of these parties use the same simple-minded and yet unfortunately successful strategies that Trump and several fellow Republicans use, e.g. repeating a mantra until people start to believe it as truth and attacking their opponents on personal level instead of focusing on opinions and arguments. And like Trump, they strongly criticize immigrants and refugees, a topic that has been actively debated on in Europe since the 2015 migrant crisis.

    I understand why many people are so blindly mesmerized by Trump: he makes politics fun. I would think that many of his voters aren’t that interested in politics, but seeing a friendly face from reality shows rambling on and promising to do everything you ever dreamed of, it can seem like the perfect deal.

    I just hope that the impeachment process goes as far as possible and more of Trump’s own people would gain enough courage to testify and tell the truth. Even if Trump never gets impeached, these ongoing investigations and inquiries have already slowly started to open the eyes of people who vote Republican or right wing populist. If this goes on to further lengths, it might be enough to turn the tides in the 2020 presidential election and influence elections around the globe.

    A sincere thank you for Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and other visible characters for turning complicated political matters into hilarious and yet informative and understandable content.

  • Matt Pryce 4 months ago

    Americans, please – call your representatives. Call your senators. Republicans, Democrats, Independents and all. If you believe this Presidency needs to end, let them know.


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