Sec. Ash Carter: ‘Not Enough Was Done’ To Stop Russia In 2016

Published on June 11, 2019

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense and ‘Inside the Five-Sided Box’ author, Ash Carter, questions whether the Obama and Trump administrations responded aggressively enough to Russia’s continued efforts to meddle in U.S. elections. #LSSC #Colbert #AshCarter

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  • Caleb Hall 12 months ago

    I have the hiccups

  • Vucerid 12 months ago

    No evidence of collusion was concluded. Democrats lost all by themselfs. Silent majority was having none of their bs. People now are beginning to realise that the democratic party are in it for themselfs and not for the USA. Money talks and corrupts.

  • A Wee Scots Dog 12 months ago

    Stuck on Trump (aka Corruption Induction)

    GOP closing ranks on obstruction
    Is illustrative – it’s an instruction
    How deep intake of breath
    Can result in the death
    Of justice through the sheer force of suction

  • Trust No Government 12 months ago

    Russia gained her power against tyranny in US and now you have fire in your butt can’t take it.

  • Another WorldView Is Possible 12 months ago

    Boris Yeltsin… You mean the guy who AMERICA got elected in Russia… BY MEDDLING in their Democracy? That guy? The Drunken Buffoon – who let the West’s financial sector begin dismantling their country – that guy… Right, we hear you.

    And when you say “Non-Profits” – you mean CIA fronts – who orchestrate Coups… I’m sure that the Russians will be very understanding of your benign intentions.

    It sounds like he’s pretty unintelligent – or is just feigning supreme gullibility – to promote more Cold War 2.0. William Binney formerly of the NSA – disproved the “Russian Hackers” BS narrative, and Former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern seems to understand and explain things better – than this MIC Stooge.

  • Ange Waters 12 months ago

    Guess he had somewhere to be…

  • vmwindustries 12 months ago

    How would you be able to tell Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to not put up fake news about pizza’s and pedophilia with Hillary Clinton’s campaign? Educated people laughed at it, but the education system is so poor in the United States and a lot of people did believe it! WTF! Maybe all those cuts that the Republicans did under Bush actually worked! Why is there not a big campaign to teach people not to get their news from random websites, like LMFAO!

  • mandboat 12 months ago

    fascinating! I can’t believe he just said that about non profit propaganda companies in Russia. I bet this guy has many interesting stories to tell about his life experience.

  • Scott Koningisor 12 months ago

    Hillary Clinton should forcibly sodomize Ash Carter. Muscle-memory.

  • jacqueline KLEIN 12 months ago

    who is this nuts war against russiav this guy is crasy dangerous hes thinking like many years ago and china is working with russia this guy is a dangerous incompetent like these guys who made war in irak desaster


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