Search History with Derek DelGaudio

Published on February 3, 2021

Find out what the star of “In & of Itself,” Derek DelGaudio, has been looking up on the internet in the latest edition of “Search History.” You can stream “In & of Itself” on Hulu right now!

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  • mary jones 2 years ago

    love these ‘search history’ segments! and congrats mr delgaudio!

  • J. Jay 2 years ago

    Y does his face look deep faked

  • Kevin Street 2 years ago

    With all due respect to this fellow (who I don’t know and have no problem with), Jon Batiste’s segment was way more fun, even when he just searching for pizza.

  • Lukas Quiney 2 years ago

    Man, that 2020/21 Olympics thing was almost as confusing as being taught maths by Mr Trump

  • Bartman 72 2 years ago

    Today I learned what a deckled edge is

  • Shealyn Crerar 2 years ago


  • devilquak 2 years ago

    Uh, this doesn’t have anything to do with The Late Show… You at least make it funny and worth watching if you’re going to promote other random stuff like this

  • Snarfl Cat 2 years ago

    I hadn’t realized that LSSC now featured boring segments of interest to absolutely no-one! Bold move!

  • Spencer Amyntosophia! 2 years ago

    Do not always mistake a hanging piece for an opening.

  • esmecat 2 years ago

    deckled edge isn’t a literary term… it’s a paper term. it referred to the uncut edge of a sheet of paper straight as it comes from the mold and deckle (frame with a screen to catch the pulp) that is used to form it from the slurry.

  • Darrell Grainger 2 years ago

    What a horrible explanation of deckled edge. When paper was manufactured by hand there was a ‘fence’ called the deckle. This caused the feathered edge of the paper. If you had a book made of deckled edge paper then it took a lot of work and effort to make the paper used in the book. So it was fancy and cost more.

    Today, machine-made paper can be made to simulated a deckled edge. It is not really any different or harder to do than cut edge paper. It is just perceived to be more expensive.

  • Australien 2 years ago

    Who gives about a strangers search history?

  • paladro 2 years ago

    not good

  • Mel Laraine 2 years ago

    It will be hard to use search preferences if you spell it preferances. I noticed it in Jon’s video too. I’m not being picky, I just wonder if someone overlooked it.

  • Brie’s Thoughts 2 years ago

    Keith David is amazing!!!


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