Sean Spicer Eliminated from Dancing with the Stars

Published on November 13, 2019

Seth Meyers’ monologue from Tuesday, November 12.

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  • MDMHypNoTiZe Tadas 12 months ago


  • Tenebris Noctis 12 months ago

    Yep, like the “unusual holds” on Ivanka.

  • Jason Dewulo 12 months ago

    sean spicer more like sean not spicer

  • Pellet Tellep 12 months ago

    Stable genius striked again, I see.

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 12 months ago

    Scaramucci now needs to replace Spicer.

  • Charles Vincent Formoso 12 months ago

    He should have been eliminated earlier if he didn’t use a dirty tactic on the voting system, like how a single person can vote up to 30 times on different devices and based on location votes can count before &/or after the show

  • Angry Socialist 12 months ago

    I feel sick, I’m laying in my bed at 4 AM, I haven’t slept all night, but I could never be happier Sean Spicer lost thank GOD

  • David Stuart Thalenberg 12 months ago

    So, the chicken was already fried?

  • B M-Y 12 months ago

    This is like Weekend Update

  • catalinacurio 12 months ago

    Sean will write a book about dancing…… badly! ?????

  • Sofus 12 months ago

    New concept of Dancing with Dictators and henchmen.

  • Knock Out 12 months ago

    Good, now eliminate Sean Spicer and all those other extremists from the planet. Pluto is good, it should be white enough for them.

  • zztop3000 12 months ago

    I hate how the crowd is forced to laugh, just let them be natural!

  • Courage Karnga 12 months ago

    If only we could as easily eliminate Sean’s former boss.

  • Miguel Estrada 12 months ago

    That ugly, robotic idiot, that dances like he has been violated with a broomstick, should be sent to prison for touching a bongo drum and wearing that fake Tropicana Halloween costume. #RefuseIgnorance

  • Rose Johnson-Tsosie 12 months ago

    “I AM the King!”
    Corruption, Taxation with out Representation and a Rising Dictator. It’s time for the Second American Revolution!

  • dominichokage 12 months ago

    I fell to my knees and thanked every cosmic entity that for once, even if it’s Dancing with the Stars, that sanity prevailed for once.

  • Mark Scott Staggs 12 months ago

    Wow that is really news!

  • I C Renegade 12 months ago

    Aww.. You mean turning a dance competition into a political fight didn’t work for Spicey? Who would have thought….

  • will crow 12 months ago

    “the chicken was baked.”
    ‘the chicken was totally fried.”
    “now we know how Popeye’s fries their chicken”
    “that’s an extra crispy chicken.”
    “Just how fried did you want your chicken?”
    “you get your chicken deep fried and baked”
    “your chicken is fried and your server is baked”
    could go on all day,,,,,ya had choices Seth.


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