Sean Hayes Had Neil deGrasse Tyson as a Surprise Guest on His Podcast

Published on July 31, 2020

Sean Hayes talks about the time he surprised his Smartless podcast partners Will Arnett and Jason Bateman with Neil deGrasse Tyson as a guest and shares the story of how they met 20 years ago.

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  • Mike Parkins 4 months ago

    Why is Seth’s sound so bad on these zoom interviews? He has a personal mic in his home studio so there’s no excuse for it.

  • New Message 4 months ago

    How to win at charades when you pull the card with NDT’s name on it.
    – Mime the sign for person
    -Get on your knees
    -Run your fingers through the carpet, and then mime it growing up like a lawn
    -Bite someone’s ear off

  • haikero dandler 4 months ago

    always remember the best way to learn from your mistakes is to admit them rather than to blame them on someone else……..

    trump: *_”kung flu”_*

  • Taunya W 4 months ago

    His amazing wit! #3

  • Emily Cuthbertson 4 months ago

    At this point any one defending Hitler, sorry I mean Trump, must have a vested financial interest in keeping Trumpty Dumpty in office.

    I’m a historian and writer in Scotland and whether you want to – and I get that for people that voted for him it may be difficult acknowlging the disaster unfolding across the country at this moment in time.

    History will not remember Trump or his base in anything but a horrible light.

    You don’t need a life long republican, to a progressive or democrat. BUT, you should really take the time to consider the direction you are taking your country and unfortunately the world in.

    As I said, I’m Scottish, if you want to destroy your country – feel free. However your actions, electing Trump, are affecting EVERYONE.

    Extreme right wing PSYCHOS are taking power. It’s disturbing. Scotland, thankfully has a devolved government, but powers are limited. So we are being subjected to trump’s buddy Boris Johnson – Who is HATED here. The English voted for him, not the Scots. A lot of complicated issues around Boris & his attempts to destroy any autonomy and democracy in Scotland – that I won’t go into here.

    Sound Familiar?

    We can’t let Right wing, extremist politics rise again. Anywhere in the world.

    Trump attacks LGBTQ rights, Boris mirrors this. My wife (given I just said my wife obviously we’re clearly part of LGBTQ community, lol) and I have been privileged enough to travel all over the world. In Scotland, home, we feel safe. We live in a country that we know is progressive inclusive and generally pretty liberal. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but homophobia, transphobia, mysoginy, racism it’s NOT the norm. Shocked and disgusted, we found that this is not the case is Boris Johnsons England.

    It seems that because he is following the Trump rhetoric, people feel empowered to be homophobic transphobic mysognistic and Racist. It’s disgusting. We have never felt as unsafe as we did in England, because they seem to think homophobia and mysoginy is normal and acceptable. All thanks to Trump and Boris. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    We need to stop these people who are facists, rising like a dawn sun, and who are only interested in enriching themselves and their friends.

    Trump is legitimately like HITLER. I do not say this lightly. I say it with evidence to support the statement.
    People should realise tht our grandparents/great grandparents fought to rid the world of Hitler. If you are a republican I am not saying you need to become a democrat or change your political affiliation. You do need to, you must, open your eye before the freedom and liberty, you claim to cherish, are destroyed.

    America has forgotten this. Listed below Trump & Hitler

    Genuine similarities between TRUMP and HITLER (20 to get you started).

    Trump fans really need to acknowledge this. You always say that you are the land of the free, go on about your rights.

    You are leading the world down the path towards facism, a Facist regime under Trump:

    A younger Trump, according to his first wife’s divorce filings, kept and studied a book translating and annotating Adolf Hitler’s pre-World War II speeches in a locked bedside cabinet, Neuborne noted. The English edition of My New Order, published in 1941, also had analyses of the speeches’ impact on his era’s press and politics. “Ugly and appalling as they are, those speeches are masterpieces of demagogic manipulation,”

    1. Neither was elected by a majority. Trump lost the popular vote by 2.9 million votes, receiving votes by 25.3 percent of all eligible American voters.
    2. Both found direct communication channels to their base.
    3. Both blame others and divide on racial lines
    4. Both relentlessly demonize opponents.
    5. They unceasingly attack objective truth. “Both Trump and Hitler maintained a relentless assault on the very idea of objective truth,”Trump uses a paraphrase of Hitler’s lying press epithet—‘fake news’—cribbed, no doubt, from one of Hitler’s speeches.
    6. They relentlessly attack mainstream media.
    7. Their attacks on truth include science.
    Both Trump and Hitler intensified their assault on objective truth by deriding scientific experts, especially academics who question Hitler’s views on race or Trump’s views on climate change, immigration, or economics. For both Trump and Hitler, the goal is (and was) to eviscerate the very idea of objective truth, turning everything into grist for a populist jury.
    8. Their lies blur reality—and supporters spread them. Trump’s pathological penchant for repeatedly lying about his behavior can only succeed in a world where his supporters feel free to embrace Trump’s ‘alternative facts’ and treat his hyperbolic exaggerations as the gospel truth.
    9. Both orchestrated mass rallies to show status.
    10. They embrace extreme nationalism.
    11. Both made closing borders a centerpiece.
    12. They embraced mass detention and deportations.
    13. Both used borders to protect selected industries.
    14. They cemented their rule by enriching elites.
    15. Both rejected international norms.
    16. They attack domestic democratic processes.
    17. Both attack the judiciary and rule of law.
    18. Both glorify the military and demand loyalty oaths.
    19. They proclaim unchecked power.
    When Congress refused to give Trump funds for his border wall even after he threw a tantrum and shut down the government, Trump, like Hitler, declared a phony national emergency and claimed the power to ignore Congress
    20. Both relegate women to subordinate roles.Trump may be the most openly misogynist figure ever to hold high public office in the United States, crassly treating women as sexual objects, using nondisclosure agreements and violating campaign finance laws to shield his sexual misbehavior from public knowledge, attacking women who come forward to accuse men of abusive behavior, undermining reproductive freedom, and opposing efforts by women to achieve economic equality.

    The above are FACTS they can not be denied or disputed. They are facts.

    Wake up America, before it’s too late and you are a full blown dictatorship.

  • Ancient Alien 4 months ago

    Just hangin out playin poker with a few normal guys..


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