Sean Donnelly Can Relate To Fellow Idiot Donald Trump

Published on June 27, 2018

Standup comedian Sean Donnelly found himself in a Trump-like predicament after lying in a job interview.


  • Ronnie webb II 10 months ago

    Tom Segura really let himself go

  • Thomas Carey-Wilson 10 months ago

    Likens himself to Trump? Meh not for me.

  • Ro G 10 months ago

    You know who else can relate to fellow racist t’rump?


  • pickelkilla 10 months ago


  • Anshul Shukla 10 months ago

    Discount Louis C.K

  • Fatso Grease ball 10 months ago

    I liked him alot 😁

  • Yootub Apesta 10 months ago

    Close your eyes, and its like listening to Charlie Day.

  • A Wee Scots Dog 10 months ago

    Unrelated and out of context…but with no mentions of space force I have to put this somewhere…

    StartWreck: The Final Frontier
    Episode 8: The trouble with troddels

    Social Engineer Sanders: Heiling Captain Trump, we are beaming aboard the Sixth Lord JDeath-SezYuns.

    Captain Trump: At last the You-Es Atturny, I love it, I mean I hate him, He never should’ve abused himself the way he did, but I love it, good Ol’ Death

    JDeath-SezYuns: A ahm uzin the powerz investitinme todeclayrapolisyof the separayshunofamilays

    Captain Trump: what did he say?

    Communications Officer Conway (perspiring sensuously): I think what he said was that the Dem-o-Kraps and Klintun and O’Ba’Ma are to blame.

    JDeath-SezYuns: No! Isezthat A ahisauzin the powerz investitinme ….

    Captain Trump: Have him removed. He never should have abused this elf.

    Communications Officer Conway: what?

    Science Officer Pence: play it back on double speed I’m sure will make some kind of sense.

    (Struggle in background as JDeath-SezYuns is wrestled from the bridge)

    Science Officer Pence: Captain the Federation has sent nuz that a Space Perimeter had been set up by MekzayKhanns and that they have paid for it themselves.

    Captain Trump: Damn it, I have been trying to prevent this for years!

    Science Officer Pence: But Captain you always said you wanted a space barrier?

    Captain Trump: Exactly, a double bluff, by stating the opposite of the truth I confuse the enemy into believing me.

    Science Officer Pence: Is that not a single bluff?

    Captain Trump: Exactly, by bluffing my opponents into thinking that I am double-bluffing them when I am in fact single bluffing them I gain the upper hand.

    Science Officer Pence: But why bother, since you have been elected to the holder of the high office of Empirical Troof surely you don’t need to bluff anyone anymore.

    Captain Trump: I know, but it just feels so great knowing that I can bluff what ever I want (that was a triple bluff by the way). I just feel so powerful right now – it’s really great. One day you’ll understand… or rather you won’t because even if I die they’re going to seal my brain in a vacuum and keep it alive in a coating of radio-sinklayer-zeeman and Fuksnuz-jismatism.

    Science Officer Pence: I am appalled. I thought those substances had been banned centuries ago as part of “the settlement” and “the grand prohibition”

    Captain Trump: That may be so, but now that I am the Empirical Troof I intend to change all that. They were bad deals. The Yoor-O-Peeans, the MekzayKhanns and Tcyknees and the Khanay-Deeans have been cheating us for too long with their trayed arrangements. it’s time to get tough.

    Science Officer Pence: But Captain, history shows us that trayed wars only cause more hardship than they …

    Captain Trump: What does history know. Is it the Empirical Troof or am I?

    Science Officer Pence: Well …

    Social Engineer Sanders (over ships visi-tannoy): Captain we are experiencing an anomaly. Troddels are flooding over the MekzayKhanns space perimeter. They seem to have been attracted to it as some sort of a challenge. Also they are carrying banners that say “Empirical Troof … LMSMAO”

    Captain Trump: What does that mean?

    Communications Officer Conway (leaning forward seductively): We have our best translation officers on it sir … We think the M and S in the middle stand for “Shiny” and “MekzayKhanns”.

    Social Engineer Sanders: I’ll handle this Conway, this is a matter for Social Engineering.

    Conway : You couldn’t even handle a waltermittyfact without it slipping through your pudgy little fingers. Leave this to the experts my communications officers, the “Selling Soldiers” (or SS as I like to call them) have this under control.

    Science Officer Pence: Captain the main trouble is is the Troddels – there are too many of them. We need JDEath-SezYuns to sort it out. He’s the best.

    Captain Trump: I know it in my heart, but I hate him, ever since he a-used himself.

    Science Officer Pence: I know Captain, self a-using is a crime against science. But we must be rashunal. He is our only hope. Somehow we must tame the beast and make him dance to our tune.

    Captain Trump: Why Science Officer Pence, that was so emotive. I had no idea that you could stir such feelings with your tender words…

    Science Officer Pence: Well sir, that’s the trouble with Troddels, even a Space Science Officer such as myself is moved by the sight of their tiny hands and feet, their angelic little faces and of course we are so moved whenever the cry piteously (and with futility) at their fate.

    Captain Trump: Sad, I hate it when Troddels are separated from their Pay-Rents. What is their fate by the way?

    Science Officer Pence: Well your Empirical Troof-Foolness ever since you signed executive order D.O.N.T.G.I.V.E.A.F.U.K.2.T.HA.T….B I took it on my own initiative to re-commission JDEath-SezYuns.

    Captain Trump: Excellent, he may be a self a-user but he is an excellent Atturny. What has he done so far?

    Science Officer Pence: Well he’s locked up all the troublesome Troddels and kept them apart from their criminal Pay-Rents.

    Captain Trump: I love it … a solution Finally!!!

    Science Officer Pence: Err.. Perhaps not the final solution you wanted though…

    Captain Trump: Why? They’re all locked up aren’t they.

    Science Officer Pence: Yes… but it seems that are mutiplying, these Troddels you split them up and they just end up as more.. somehow. Troddels and troubles increasing exponentially.

    Captain “Empirical Troof” Trump: Well, That’s the Trouble with Troddels.

    Next Week…(or when ever). … Episode 9: … To be determined – The StartWreck Rent-Their-Prize is warping reality so fast right now that it is difficult to keep up. But until then… Live Long and Prosper SpaceForce fans…

  • artemisrain 10 months ago

    Liked this guy. The whole thing (except the budweiser light bit. Went right over my head.) was really fun. 🙂 I like his personality!

  • Hylian Ticipated 10 months ago

    Man his voice and loudness hurts my ears. Funny, though.

  • Hylian Ticipated 10 months ago

    4:21 Curley from The Three Stooges lmao <3

  • Andrei Chernin 10 months ago

    Wow, gene engineering really advanced lately: that giggling potato is remarkable

  • hannah ingle 10 months ago

    Lol “no like in a fun way”

  • Kevin Reda 10 months ago

    I love Sean his last comedy album is so good

  • sccello 10 months ago

    That was fun. The Budweiser Light bit was way funnier than the audience gave him credit for.

  • Jacob Hoggan 10 months ago

    Good job mate 👏 the act was very entertaining. Keep it up

  • lazyperfectionist1 10 months ago

    The problem with Trump is not that he’s unintelligent. Lack of intelligence is not a disqualifier. Lack of intelligence is, in fact, utterly compatible with wisdom. The problem with Trump is his lack of wisdom. A _wise_ man _recognizes_ the limits of his intelligence and defers when he encounters them. Consider this scenario:
    “Mr. President, Puerto Rico has just been devastated by a hurricane. How do you suggest we respond?”
    “Well, how is the Red Cross responding? How is UNICEF responding? What other relief organizations are responding and is it possible for FEMA to beat them to the punch? What assistance are the Governor and the Delegate of Puerto Rico asking for?”
    See? A sentiment like this does not require a lot of intelligence but _does_ require a bit of _wisdom._

  • Kombinatsiya 10 months ago

    i cant believe that someone did a family guy fake laugh at 2:09

  • Mike Gagne 10 months ago

    He laughed at his jokes more than I did.

  • brendan colliander 10 months ago



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