SCOTUS Term Limits, Wave of Women, Wildfires | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on August 18, 2018

Bill and his Real Time panelists – Preet Bharara, Gov. Jen Granholm, Charlie Sykes, Jonathan Swan, and Adam Conover – answer viewer questions after the show.

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  • Darksand99 1 year ago

    Loved this panel!

  • Kasper Nielsen 1 year ago

    Bill my maher

  • brainflash1 1 year ago

    Why was Overtime uploaded twice? Not that I’m complaining.

  • Darksand99 1 year ago

    Why do you guys think GOP voters keep electing people who take away their health care and destroy their unions? Trump isn’t even hiding his corruption and yet they stay with him!

  • Thomas Anderson 1 year ago

    Adam ruins bill mahar

  • Tracie Amber Wilkinson 1 year ago

    The Mueller investigation is just a ruse of the Democrats to unseat President Trump and steal the next election.

  • Dannny Boy 1 year ago

    Wondering about Bills red shoes..
    Whats the point ?
    Q and Anons are on to you Bill….

  • cosmoissleeping 1 year ago

    Bill’s big plan is running on the russia thing? Way to blow it again. Medicare for all, tackling college debt, legalize weed. That’s how you win MORONS

  • Jacob Cross 1 year ago

    Never been this early to a youtube video lol hi everybody


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