Scott Pruitt Is Hungry For Chick-fil-A

Published on June 8, 2018

Scott Pruitt tried using his office to get his wife a job with Chick-fil-A.


  • sun shine 10 months ago


  • GEOVANNE RAMOS 10 months ago

    1st comment

  • Abraham Lincoln 10 months ago

    if this guy worked for obama for even a minute, Trump’s nazi army would be foaming at the mouth about it for years

  • TheKaiTetley 10 months ago

    10 scandals and you get your own prison cell.

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison 10 months ago

    Soundproofing, Old mattress, Lotion — what’s next… Tissues?

  • Archer Sterling 10 months ago

    Mueller won’t ever get to retire, he’ll be putting these guys in prison for years.

  • miran X 10 months ago

    imagine all the rest of the public servants that abuse taxpayers dollars nation wide.

  • camelshit 10 months ago

    That man is chronic diarrhea, and he is Pruitting all over the rule of law, ethics, tax payers, and last but not least; over the environment.

  • Lunana Sushistax 10 months ago

    Is he preparing to film his own Pee-Pee tape inside that soundproof phone booth?
    “Look, to be the best at the business, you need to learn from the best, that’s why I got this mattress from Trump”

  • jzizzles 10 months ago

    So dude gets a Chick Fil A franchise?

  • William Carter 10 months ago

    Everyone in the Trump administration is horrible monster and they should be fired, even the president.

  • bjfdog 10 months ago

    I sure hope no one punches Trump or Pruitt in the nose.

  • Chris Mason 10 months ago

    As long as Pruitt promotes Spanky’s anti environment, pro industry and business interests at the expense of our health, he’ll have a job.

  • CJusticeHappen21 10 months ago

    He thought EPA stood for Entitlement Protection Agency

  • Kyle Shwartz 10 months ago

    This guy should have been fired a long time ago.

  • Matthew Snider 10 months ago

    An political satirist could hardly create a fictional character with as much crass and brazen disregard for any semblance of honesty, professionalism, or integrity as Scott Pruitt. The guy is a walking scandal incarnate. A reified scandal par excellence.

  • Yehudi Menuhin 10 months ago

    _”Already under 12 ethics investigations”_
    How dare you?! What gives you the _nerve_ to say Pruitt’s under 12 ethics investigations?
    He’s under 15!

  • Jeannie Davis 10 months ago

    Nothing will happen to him. The republicans condone this kind of crap, as long as you’re a republican.

  • T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE 10 months ago

    Would say screw Pruitt but seems he’s already ahead in the “screwing game.” when you elect orange you soon go in the red…thanks, mr. pruitt, btw, pen anyone?

  • Ry Sun 10 months ago

    Does Fox news report about him or do they sweep it under the carpet?


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