Schools Get Creative in Latest COVID Surge – Getting Back to Normal-ish | The Daily Show

Published on January 28, 2022

As Omicron surges across the U.S., schools come up with creative solutions to combat COVID-19 cases, staff shortages, and aggressive parents. #DailyShow



  • Kevin F 2 years ago

    Keep it to 3 minutes please.

  • Ela Explorer 2 years ago

    Well, I don’t know how serious you can take someone’s threat if they shut up when told their time is up. It’s the rules. Just need someone at the door to tell her she can’t bring those in because it’s against the rules lol

  • black cat 2 years ago

    everyone is gangster until school teacher tells you “times up”

  • SHIR-0 2 years ago


  • Underdog Rising 2 years ago

    My daughter has had two cases in her classroom. We got sick last week but tested negative for COVID which makes it our 3rd school related quarantine.

  • DeadlyNyghtShayde 2 years ago

    She actively threatened to shoot up a school, how was she not arrested?

  • Lucas Boyt 2 years ago

    its not education, its free child care

  • MautheMusic 2 years ago

    Shout out to Boston Outdoor Preschool Network! Outdoors since 2019!

  • A P 2 years ago

    Yet nothing is shut down

  • Violet 13 2 years ago

    My family had covid this past week and a half. We did a test through the public school site for my daughter because it was no appointment. It was a week ago and we still hadn’t heard her results, so we called the school to see if they had maybe gotten results before us. She was also feeling better so we wanted to know if she could come back to school. The official staff said it would take a while to get results and that a lot of school staff were also waiting for results and were working anyway. They said she could come back whenever. We waited 5 days from her last symptoms to send her back.

  • djandtown 2 years ago

    what makes no sense to me is these parents who have such a problem with their kids wearing masks. u would think as a parent that they would do anything they could to keep them safe. If anything u would think be the other way around to make sure that they are wearing a mask rather school wanted them to or not.

    even if they dont believe thatt their is a serious virus going around or masks may not work it is better to be safe and let them wear a masks than to not have any type of protection. its like taken kids on a field trip to a nuclear plant and getting upset that their made to wear protective gear so they dont catch any radiation lol

  • Maui Me 2 years ago

    The Industrial Age model for education is antiquated. What is taught and where it is taught needs a re-boot. Americans do not like kids, just look at our policies.

  • Brandon Gunnarson 2 years ago

    “I haven’t sold a single one” like conspiracy theorists wouldn’t wear it to the JFK Junior rally

  • Aron Bennett 2 years ago

    They gave her bond???

  • Christopher 2 years ago

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