Scalise Embraces Trump’s Big Lie; Lindell’s 850-Year-Old Voter Claim: A Closer Look

Published on October 11, 2021

Seth takes a look at Rep. Steve Scalise refusing to say the 2020 election was not stolen while the Biden administration blocks Trump’s attempt to hide records from the coup investigation.

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  • Max Power 3 years ago

    Crowd Favorite!!

  • Dusty Jones 3 years ago

    Glad that the audience is back a little weird I don’t think he’s going back to wearing a suit he’s going to stay casual even with the audience but getting used to the laughing this time we got to get used to.

  • A Morfus 3 years ago

    I wonder what country the 850 year old was registered in. Couldn’t have been the U.S.

  • California Cloud 3 years ago

    So, is all of NYC (out on the streets) dressing more casual now?

  • Kyle Stubbs 3 years ago

    I like the live audience better. Their laughter makes the tangents less awkward.

  • Enterprise1701J 3 years ago

    God dammit, Ted Cruz is so dim.

  • Rob S 3 years ago

    I think Seth’s Babu is his best impression to date.

    Maybe it’s Dikembe Mutombo…

  • Ethan Kristopher-Hartley 3 years ago

    Thank you to both Seth and the audience for not allowing the audience to slow things down. As we’ve seen with other shows, the presenter can milk applause but that breaks the natural flow – and that’s especially important for Seth’s tangents.

  • DavidXanitos 3 years ago

    Im so glad he’s not doing the suit anymore, the laid back feel of Seth is so much more natural. Keep it going Seth and crew!

  • Kevin Kinver 3 years ago

    What do we think, Jackals? Is having the audience back everything we thought it would be?

  • Nezzero 3 years ago

    Tell the audience to STOP LAUGHING!!!!!

  • Charles Lee 3 years ago

    American Got talent, Loser and Failure trump, Crackhead pillow man, Vampire Rudy and Cancun Cruz.How nice

  • Joseph Hartmann 3 years ago

    Soooo off putting hearing laughter! (Other than crew)

  • Melvin Brennan III 3 years ago

    Introduce the sea captain to the audience!!!

  • Ramen Vermicelli 3 years ago

    Jesus, Seth, it’s about effin time you get an audience! Everybody and their mother has had audiences for months.


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