Saudi Arabia’s Political Purge: The Daily Show

Published on November 7, 2017

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia moves to crack down on corruption, but some fear he may be trying to consolidate power.

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  • Nelson Lincecum 2 years ago

    He got it wrong. At 4:39 he said “Alexa, play some mood music.” When the proper saying is “That’s so sad, Alexa play despacito.”

  • Brian G. Bankston I 2 years ago


  • Layz Mb 2 years ago

    you got it mixed up… he got the golden plane because of corruption..

  • jeedoo66 2 years ago

    You really knew nothing about Saudi Arabia

  • Mohamed GADHI 2 years ago

    *عبيد ترمب ، خونة الإسلام ، لو كان الرسول (ص) حيا ما كان ليرضى بهذا*

  • 2 years ago

    This man “MBS”will lead the world in the future Remember that

  • ماجد 2 years ago

    As Saudi I like this episode or video whatever you call it and let’s take over the world ?

  • Ra TheArabian 2 years ago

    The true ugly face of saudi arabia is not even touched here .

    never take the opinion of a brain washed saudi patriot about the ugly side of his country , he is incapable of seeing it .

    just ask the saudies how many non saudies were deported this year from suadi arabia . and why .. and please do listen to how they tend to rationalize such a crime .
    how many yemeni people were killed in yemen last year alone because of the saudi war on yemen . and please do listen to how they rationalize their crimes .
    how many unemployed people are there in the richest country in the world ..
    how many saudi people are living in poverty .
    what kind of human rights non-saudies non-white people get there
    what saudies think about the LGBT community .
    what happens to any opposition in saudi arabia ?
    what is the level of freedom of speach in saudi arabia and can you criticize anything about the government ?
    why were more than 200 moderate muslim clerics thrown to jail ?
    what will happen to any one who will sympathies ( emotionally ) with Qatar ?

    the list goes on .. i am just scratching the surface .

    and not welling to waste time debating with Saudis ..

    there is an arabic saying that says : only those who benefit from the market who say that the market was great .

    in other words ..

    the majority inside the kingdom are suffering ,, saudies and non saudies ,..

    only a very fortunate few get to have absolute power above others ..

    Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    its the most corrupted regime on earth .

  • محمد احمد 2 years ago

    they think. the oil is everything

  • M Alghamdi 2 years ago

    I’m a Saudi and I love you Trevor.

  • اميره الكيبوب 2 years ago

    شيقول عنا

  • احمد العتيبي 2 years ago

    This is hilarious, so sad because i have good memories at the Ritz Carlton and now we call it in Saudi Arabia VIP prison hahaha

  • JonV1990 2 years ago

    So dumb Trevor is a racist asshole

  • Wonder Women 2 years ago

    – Even Hillary??? ??
    -No , this is another country
    – Saaaaaad

    with those fingers impression , He killed me ??

  • Al_s7eme أبو عساآف 2 years ago

    Long live prince mohammed the leader for our new era god save him

  • Lara .80 2 years ago

    احد يترجم وش يقول ؟.

  • Mirza Munif 2 years ago

    Funny thing is Marriott is next door to where the Ritz Carlton is, there’s like a small street dividing them

  • brijesh 2 years ago

    Sk music works

  • nightmare 101 2 years ago


  • sam bou 2 years ago

    Ay! Quieten down or you will go to the Marriot!! hhhhhhhh that was a killer.


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