Sarah Silverman’s Dad Asked for Trump’s Tax Accountant’s Number

Published on September 30, 2020

Sarah Silverman talks about her dad’s funny and strange personality, shares her expectations ahead of the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden and shares how the foundation of our democracy includes socialism.

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  • New Message 2 years ago

    Her CoD trash talk must have been EPIC.

  • Paul Nolan 2 years ago

    Sarah is SO DAMN SEXY !

  • Johnny Yuen 2 years ago

    Sarah didn’t know how right she was: “it’s going to be awful”. The president wasn’t presidential and drowned out everything by being a big baby. Hey, he is who he is.

  • UWCB 2 years ago

    Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that she doesn’t age?

  • RangersResults 2 years ago

    I’ve had a crush on her for about 20-30 years! Wow. She still looks awesome. 😀

  • desperate dave 2 years ago

    OMG she said she was a gamer .. back when nin 64 golden eye was out… I know know who my missed soul mate is… and shes very pretty ..:P I loved that game, it and Mario 64 were the best nin 64 had to offer.. truly a missed connection 🙂

  • Stephen Mabry 2 years ago

    Love Silverman, but that game idea sucked Seth’s ass. Over-the-top works lots, except with non-brilliance … at which time humility should be your close companion. Truth is authenticity.

  • Christopher Nelson 2 years ago

    sarah is still fantastic

  • Wayzor 2 years ago

    Medicare, disability, social security, Medicaid, Unemployment…. ALL SOCIALISIM.

  • maplobats 2 years ago

    Sarah is one of my favourite famous potheads.

  • desperate dave 2 years ago

    lawl.. she gives a greta time travel 1st person shooter idea too! omg !! your my geeky heart throb woman!

  • li wu 2 years ago

    Tamashi hrijc hiroka

  • Sean 2 years ago

    Sarah Silverman for president!!

  • little red Bowtie 2 years ago

    She is so sexy gorgeous 😍

  • Jimmy Duke 2 years ago

    She was right. It was awful

  • laurbar1292 2 years ago

    Well I’m convinced Sarah’s dad and my dad are the same person… 🤣

  • ja weh 2 years ago

    this segment about her dad’s arm was hilarious. she’s a darling, with a potty mouth: best combination. 😀

  • Mk L 2 years ago

    Think about how many socialist programs we have currently, we are already a socialist society. The average person does not understand what that means, they are vastly uninformed, and they don’t want to get informed. And unfortunately, I don’t see that changing either, at least anytime soon. Just because your done with school, does not means you stop learning.

  • Ltd SMD 2 years ago

    It may be OK for a Democratic president to be elected, but not Biden.

    His collusion with Chinese Communist Party is a more serious national security issue than his collusion with Russia and Ukraine, because of China’s dream for the world supremacy.

    Why could BHR (his son’s business) receive billions of dollars from China two weeks after Vice President Biden at that time and his son’s visit to China by Air Force 2 in 2013?

    BHR used that money to invest in CGN and AVIC (Chinese Communist Party’s companies), which are said to have been founded to spy on US technology and F-35.    In fact CGN was later charged with stealing nuclear technology and punished under the President Trump administration.    Nevertheless, BHR still seems to hold share in CGN!

    Why did the Obama.Biden administration tolerate China’s sudden declaration of  occupation of the South China Sea?   Why could the Chinese naval power overtake ours to be #1 in the world during the Obama/Biden time?  Why cannot Obama fully support Biden in the presidential election?   Because of Biden’s deeply collusion with China?

    Biden should not be qualified for President for the national safety.

  • Anthony S 2 years ago

    ‘Socialist Utopia’…sign me up!


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