Sarah Silverman Played a Columbo Magic Trick on Her Boyfriend

Published on March 19, 2021

Sarah Silverman provides an update on how her dad is doing, talks about her obsession with the television series Columbo and reveals why magic enrages her.

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  • Mat S 2 years ago

    She’s still such a babe

  • the 48thRonin 2 years ago

    Isn’t she cancelled? Didn’t she use the N word? Didn’t she do blackface? Weird how the cancel ends kinda quickly for democrats. HYPOCRITES.

  • Campbell Cutler 2 years ago

    It’s good to see a man can look past her age. RIP Jonah Hill.

  • Pixel_Geist 2 years ago

    i have inappropriate thoughts about sarah silverman

  • Tom O shea 2 years ago

    I think I have a new crush and it’s not Seth

  • warpedjaffas1 2 years ago

    Put Sarah in charge of the space laser & cull the weirdo’s.

  • Bottle Aire 2 years ago

    There are only a few things I miss about Twitter since I was banned. Sarah’s account is one. I’ll check out her podcast.
    (I’ve been baking out and watching MeTV. I’m down with some Columbo. Try Adam 12.)

  • t reznicek 2 years ago

    Silverman has a boyfriend? Hard to believe😝

  • Conechiwa7 2 years ago

    Sarah’s post the other day about Paris was so well spoken, personal and moving. She is a model for how people can grow.

  • TY WayN 2 years ago

    Karen Chee. Her comments are turned off. Why?? This looks like it encourages “suppressing speech” don’t do that Seth. NBC Team

  • Jim Fleming 2 years ago

    Yes, Mr. Silverman enjoys being old. It is infinitely more fun than being dead.


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