Sarah Kendzior on the Systemic Issues That Will Outlast Trump

Published on April 25, 2018

Writer Sarah Kendzior talks about studying dictators for her PhD, why she loves complaining and the systemic problems that will still exist once Trump is out of office.


  • will crow 10 months ago

    She’s one of the smartest voices out there and much underrated. Brilliant woman, and so on point with all her comments about this flatulent, orange gasbag in the oval office.

  • Hodor 10 months ago


  • jd190d 10 months ago

    The one thing we have going for us is that trump stumbles into attempts to consolidate power without a coherent plan. We can identify how bad his subordinates are and some have been indicted or forced to resign. The one positive outcome is that the evangelicals can never credibly try to take the high ground and accuse others of low character. They will try but they have this glaring example of a con man whom they supported.

  • PB Concerned 10 months ago

    I follow Dr Sarah Kendzior. I found her first on twitter right after the election & she backed up my fears. I discovered I wasn’t the only person feeling this way. It gave me the courage to seek other like minded people to protest. The fire is still burning & will never go out until Trump is gone & we can work on bringing sanity back to America. We must #Resist & speak turth to power & the people at every opportunity.

  • James Ebola 10 months ago

    Any A hole can get PHD in USA. Just pay the money. It’s ALL about the money.

  • Denika Kew 10 months ago

    Well-spoken woman.

  • Matt Etherington 10 months ago

    The perfect guest!

  • Italian Mainer 10 months ago

    What a great guest! Love these types of constructive discussions!

  • enjolraslechimiste 10 months ago

    As a PhD, all I have to say is “What an idiot.” She got a degree in a field about opinions (i.e., anything not science/math/computers/engineering or foreign language) and then she complains about workplace exploitation. It’s supply and demand; anyone can have an opinion, so opinions are worthless (and then we idiotically vote Trump into office and she does not see the correlation).

  • lala lova 10 months ago

    Seth’s show is really proving to be a force to be reckoned with regarding the Trump era (in MY opinion). I find that his interviews are nuanced and very insightful and he doesn’t come across as condescending or fanatical about being anti-Trump, which is my issue with other liberal shows. I love Samantha Bee’s approach as well because it talks to the frustrated woman in me, but I get exhausted by Colbert, Kimmel and Noah and at times need a break from their almost glaring assumption that Trump is the only problem in the US. I know Trump is a huge issue, but he is by farfrom being the main one because the US is inherently broken, but I find that Seth’s approach seems to work better for me and I learn a lot more. As stated, this is my opinion.

  • bye Felicia 10 months ago


  • Eric Crawford 10 months ago

    I always felt that Barack Obama’s greatest mistake was letting the Bush Administration off for creating a false narrative for war profiteering. That seemed to embolden the other side and give them the sense that they could get away with anything. He took the high road but they should have prosecuted.

  • M 10 months ago

    Sarah Kenzior 2020!

  • Truckin Convoy 10 months ago

    I like her, does she have a youtube channel?


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